Ancestor Sin (5) : United States of America (2) Siam Rath

Sathaporn Srisatjang

Remember when the US brought their military (and civilian) troops to Thailand to set up a military base? acting as a “world police” in the guise of “protecting the Indo-Pacific” from the “aggression” of “communism” by opening the country wide open. With the (exceptional) willingness of Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat, model head of the most important sport in Thailand Since the beginning of the Buddhist century, 1957, that’s it!

There was “someone” who used to throw a question in some academic seminars. In that time “The only 200 year old country known as the United States of America has caused the innocence of the old, women and children. In the countries of the dead and overwhelmed world. Directly and indirectly how much exactly?”

Next year (2023), the relationship between the United States and Thailand will be 205 years old!

There will surely be an “offer” from a “great old friend” to “rekindle” something that will lead to closer relations in many ways. Because it sounds like a new policy on the area. “Indo-Pacific” (especially ASEAN) from Mr. Joe Biden, the current president of the United States. from the Democratic Party It seems that he wants “Thailand” as a “foundation” to support the power to block China clearly.

And it seems that the big story is about to begin in a definite way. piloted by restoring public health cooperation that the United States has “invested” since the “Cold War” over 60 years ago…

Most of the project personnel who are still working are Thai people. Although it seems that he has reduced the busyness in the time that has passed especially after the United States Lost the war without a slip in Vietnam. and only in Thailand was the student movement Students who “wake up” after the events of October 15 (1973) formed an expulsion march until the “army base” had to be withdrawn in the end!

Cooperate with anything, let’s cooperate. Just ask if the leader or any powerful politician (Whether it comes from buying votes to win the election / or from a coup) allows the United States to establish a military base. Bring military forces and weapons to gather (to kill people) in Thailand again … just as American soldiers used to walk around in Thailand up to 45 thousand people (to kill people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia?) in the Year 1968 and then…

approve Ai or that person or that group (Including fans) it would be difficult to live in Thailand happily… for sure!

get out of the way Coming back to the “ancestral sins” that previous generations of the United States created for this generation of Americans who may have to “take sins” instead, enough to see a few traces of the that “sin”.

Take only the big things. 2-3 examples should be enough…

First, the case of Japan (a country with a short memory?), who knows that it was the United States that decided to “Kill innocent civilians” (children, old people, and women) in that country by deciding to “drop atomic bombs” (not their self-destructive power was not yet known) on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, until they caused the deaths of approximately 700,000 people in those two Japanese cities at the same time, not counting the number of people who were injured, injured, and suffering from the power of atomic radiation.

The United States, as the winner of World War II, was given a mandate to occupy and control Japan for a total of 7 years (Japan has never been occupied by any power other than the United States). under the complete rule of General MacArthur (I will return!) authorized by the American government have been punished “War criminals” to the Japanese, not a small number. both were executed in prison for life and punished in many other ways

But it looks like Japan under the leadership of the prime minister of Hiroshima descent today. There will never be painful memories of him. because he still saw honoring and following the United States of America (And crimes of murder) as sad as it is without any dignity and no historical sense!

come Indochina War also known as “Vietnam War” is the second cause after the war on the Korean Peninsula. Until causing that country to be divided into North Korea and South Korea until now Until causing people, both soldiers and civilians at that time He must have died a little already. The United States moved the battlefield to the Indochina Peninsula!

This trip, “Thailand” was dragged in as a full supporter of the “Vietnam” war, becoming the location of a major military base (land-sea and air) of the United States!

Fighter jets fly from their bases in Thailand. Flying to drop bombs to hit all of Vietnam. It then spread to Laos and Cambodia, but… the US Army eventually lost the war to the small people of Indochina who were outnumbered in arms!

Rough estimates of deaths and casualties (military and civilian) in the Vietnam War. (including Laos-Cambodia) during the 20-year war (1955-1975) no less than 5 million people!

Of these, there are Thai soldiers. (Official figures) 351 deaths/1,358 injuries!

Only about 60,000 American soldiers were killed and only about 800,000 were wounded. flew away with his tail tucked his ass back into the sunset of the country!

because the page space is limited So, giving examples of “heroic” or “sin” that the ancestors of America clearly committed in only 2 cases, there is also the death of African slaves. traditional indigenous people (Indians) who were genocide Attacks to kill Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Congo, Serbia, Somalia and many more…

To this day, the United States is still the only country in the world. which also spreads the army and establishes military bases in different strategic points around the world, especially in Asia, such as in Japan, in the Philippines, in Korea and in Diego Gasia. In the Indian Ocean, for example, for being ready to “commit” at any time!

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