Andrew Gillum undermined the confidence in the Florida fair election

It is very difficult to sit in a Bill Maher audience and not want to do scream.

During a visit to Los Angeles on Friday, I went for HBO “Real Time” while I was there, I heard that Andrew Gillum, who lost his offer to the governor of Florida in November, said he had been stolen. . When that happened, someone else in the audience forced me to be quiet because I was calling Gillum a liar loudly.

“Know what it is, if we could legally count all of those votes not only in Florida but also in Georgia, I don't think what the outcome is,” Gillum said.

It seems that almost no news outlet has noticed that it rejects a fairly fair election result (although I thought we were to take care when our democracy is undermined).

Maher, who I like and encourages even back against his liberal guests, was not a challenge even for Gillum on the subject.

I think I'm watching “Real Time” on a screen that doesn't tell me to be quiet when I throw things in a blind rage.


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