Android will be able to use Bluetooth to measure the distance of the device, and will be available as soon as Android 14 |

When it comes to using Bluetooth accessories in one way or another, whether it’s a wireless mouse to use or headphones for listening to music on your smartphone, there are some limitations, especially in certain areas of technology.

Google is developing a new Bluetooth distance measurement API that will allow users to know how far their Bluetooth accessories are from their smartphones. Mishaal Rahman of Esper discovered the new Bluetooth distance measurement API, and Google has added his code to AOSP.

Although the accuracy of distance measurement is not exact, the new Bluetooth distance measurement API will be able to tell the user’s approximate location, that is, whether the distance between the user’s smartphone and the Bluetooth accessory is greater or less than 1 meter. Notably, the new API will use Bluetooth RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) to measure the distance between the phone and the connected device.

However, this is different from the way Apple’s AirTag tracker works, which will point the user in the correct direction of the lost Bluetooth accessory, and will also notify if it is approaching. As far as Google’s Bluetooth distance measuring feature is concerned, expect to wait until Android 14 to see early signs of it or its full debut.

If you want a function similar to AirTag, for example, Samsung launched the Bluetooth smart anti-lost device “SmartTag” in early 2021. The built-in speaker can play sound and can also reverse the location of the smartphone. If you can’t find where the phone is at home, double click After 2 clicks on the SmartTag, the phone will ring to help users find it by following the sound.


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