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Anglo-French fishing rights conflict continues, Johnson wants the EU to “control” Macron|EU|Macron|UK_Sina News

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Original title: Anglo-French fishing rights conflict continues, Johnson wants the EU to “control” Macron

  [环球时报记者 董  铭]The fishing rights conflict between Britain and France shows no signs of easing. The French Prime Minister called on the European Union to punish the United Kingdom, while the United Kingdom asked the European Union to “control” French President Macron. British Prime Minister Johnson and Macron met during the G20 summit on October 31. However, both sides said different things about the “results” of the meeting between the leaders of the two countries.

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According to Agence France-Presse, Johnson and Macron had a one-on-one meeting for about half an hour without an assistant. Some French media previously revealed that there was no arrangement for translation at this meeting. After the meeting, the French President’s Office issued a statement expressing optimism that the two countries will resolve the conflict, stating that the French and British leaders agreed to take “practical measures” in the coming days to resolve the fishing rights dispute. However, the British government denied that the leaders of the two countries had reached an agreement on related issues and insisted that Paris should withdraw its threat to Britain. A Johnson spokesperson also said that during the meeting with Macron, the prime task of the British Prime Minister was to persuade the European Union to amend the Northern Ireland Protocol. This is the key content of the British “Brexit” agreement. As the leaders of the two countries met, officials of the two countries continued to threaten each other.

“Johnson asked the EU to control Macron.” The British “Daily Telegraph” stated that just one day before the meeting between the leaders of Britain and France, the British Prime Minister accused Macron of participating in threats against the United Kingdom. The EU as a whole violated the trade agreement with the UK. According to BBC reports, Johnson also stated that the UK will pursue accountability for violations of the trade agreement in order to protect its own interests.

The conflict between Britain and France in fishing rights could trigger a trade war between the United Kingdom and the European Union. French Prime Minister Castel recently sent a letter to European Commission President Von der Lein, saying that the British action may damage the reputation of the European Union and the organization’s ability to defend the rights of member states. In his letter, Castel asked the EU to let the UK understand that “Leaving the EU means more losses than staying in the EU!” Macron accused the UK of failing to press the “Brexit” agreement in an interview with the Financial Times last Friday. Acting by agreement, credibility issues are tested. Regarding the threat from France, Britain also said it would take measures to fight back.

The war of words between Britain and France has disgusted some environmentalists. The British “Guardian” stated that some well-known scientists and environmentalists called on British and French leaders to declare an immediate “ceasefire” so as not to affect the holding of the UN Climate Change Conference.

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