Angry hot vegetable seller parked in front of the shop smashed the sedan The police made the final clearance and escaped from the police station.

Angry hot vegetable seller parked in front of the shop smashed the sedan The police made the final clearance and escaped from the police station. shouts for saying no wrong

Because someone using the name @jayarada6 posted a clip of a woman hitting a car. with a message saying “From the clip that goes down. The incident was that our sister’s car was parked in the car park. I’m not sure if I’m going to block Aunt Kae’s shop or not. Grandfather was very angry. It’s like in the clip. Thanks for the clip from the people who saw the event coming here too.” Location: Pho Chai Market In front of Air Udon shop After the clip was posted, many people shared it.

of such incidents The reporter went to the area to investigate the facts and met Mr Pitak, 38, the owner of the broken car. Who traveled to meet Pol Captain Ying Nathanong Phothisarn, Deputy Inspector (Investigation) of Muang Nong Khai Police Station, the owner of the case, to report and question Pol. Col. Yuttana Ngamchad, the superintendent of the Nong Khai city police station came to inquire about the facts that had also happened

It was found that the offender did not come to see the investigating officer. And still don’t know the real last name. I only know the house In Ban Nong Bua Thong, Village No. 7, Kuan Wan Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nong Khai Province, so the investigation team informed the Muang Police Station to inform the house to meet the investigator.

When investigative police officers from the Muang Police Station arrived at the house, they found the culprit, who was later identified as Mrs. Bunrang, 53, at home with her daughter. did mrs. Boonrang fussed before opening the gate and walking out of the house

So the police met 20-year-old Ms Suthida, her daughter, and informed her daughter. And they asked to inform the mother to go and see the researcher as well in order to clear the victims

Mr Pitak, the owner of the broken car, said that he entered the car as usual at 4:00 am on May 29. At that time no one came to sell things, after parking the car, he went to sell things. Sells coconuts and coconut water at Pho Chai fresh market. in Nong Khai municipality

Later, around 6:00 am, there were people who knew he came to say that someone had smashed their car He came out and looked like a woman At the time of the incident, many people took the clip and sent it to them. The damage that occurred was that headlights and taillights were broken, and paint was scraped around the car.

He did not know the person who smashed the car. He had just come to sell things to his sick mother for about a month. After the incident, I have not spoken to the person who smashed the car yesterday when the police brought him to see the investigator. still not speaking The man escaped and smashed the car. As the tricycle was smashed, the person who smashed the car said, Come and park where you sell things. which as far as I know You will come to sell once. that doesn’t come every day The items they sell are commonly harvested and sell vegetables like morning glory.

The selling point is not at the same point. Argued with the seller next to each other, moved the point of sale Until sold at a point close to where they park When he saw the car crushed and saw the person crushed there, he was furious and asked , “Why did Aunty break my car?” He didn’t answer. If this car breaks, will it cost a million? Then grind like in the clip. First cut using traffic cones Then there are the bricks that pave the footpath and the parachute.

Mr. said Pitak at the end that I would like to remind the hot-headed person that Before doing anything, think carefully. Come and tell the owner of the car, he is close to the car. which he will prosecute to the utmost

On Pol’s side. Col. Yuttana Ngamchad, Superintendent of Muang Nong Khai Police Station. mentions this From talking to victims It made me realize that the victim had parked the car at the scene of the accident since the morning, around 4am, which was a regular stop before going to sell things. The victim came to sell things to the sick mother. The day the event was sold in the market. Someone came to inform me that the car had broken down. and got a clip from the person who took it and sent it to me found to be a woman It is a seller who comes to sell forest products in the market. I don’t come to sell regularly. I got something to sell.

Colonel Yuttana said that the Cause of the incident It was probably caused by dissatisfaction with the car parked in front of the point of sale. that fault is an allegation of property damage There is a penalty of imprisonment and a fine. It is a personal crime so the victim must be questioned first. The investigating officer owning the case will issue a summons summoning the accused to acknowledge the charge. If the accused does not appear in accordance with the summons issue a warrant of arrest for legal proceedings

The Superintendent of Nong Khai Police Station said the weather was hot during this time. We are Thai people together. Let’s be kind, let’s live together. when the incident occurred There will be criminal and civil penalties. So let’s keep quiet if we know whose car is parked in the road. notify the police immediately Let the police officer be the coordinator and make corrections. But the car park at the location of this event is a normal car park.

Ms Suthida, daughter of the criminal say that with tears He still hasn’t seen the clip where his mother hit the car. The house I live with my mother now It’s a house my brother bought for me in Khon Kaen. but has not changed the name from the original owner of the house without transferring it Mother usually collects natural vegetables to sell in the market.

Before that, my mother was a better person. work hard to make money There are some complaints as an old man, but 2-3 years ago after he broke up with his girlfriend. My mother was very different from before. doesn’t like normal people Now still considered light But before it was heavier. Leaving home for two, three, I don’t know where to go At first, he and his relatives Thinking he was possessed by a spirit, he went to see a medium who said there was a person coming to live with him. The house has made merit and dedicated charity. but not better He came to live in this house since 1975, he worked in a convenience store for over a year. I still haven’t seen the clip my mother caused. He had already told the victim that her mother was not very conscious. Victims can come and talk to them. or talk to their elders

The perpetrator’s daughter said at the end that I used to think about taking my mother for treatment. but she couldn’t force her mother to go for treatment But my mother didn’t trust me and she didn’t go in the car at all, my mother said, “Why don’t you go? My house is here.”