‘Angry’ Song Ji-hyo fans, short cut stylist replacement statement “I can’t stand still”


[스포츠서울|조현정기자]While actress Song Ji-hyo recently changed her hairstyle to a short cut, fans pointed out styling problems and issued a statement demanding a change of stylist.

Song Ji-hyo’s fans posted a statement titled ‘I urge Song Ji-hyo’s styling (coordination, hair, makeup) improvement’ through the online community DC Inside Gallery on the 29th.

Previously, on the 13th, Song Ji-hyo revealed her transformation into an unconventional short cut on Instagram after 20 years of debut. In the SBS entertainment program ‘Running Man’, which aired on the 28th, she appeared with short hair, and the cast praised Song Ji-hyo’s changed hairstyle.

Photo | Song Ji-hyo’s Instagram

The statement said, “Dissatisfaction with and raising questions about actress Song Ji-hyo’s styling has been consistently discussed among fans for several years. I refrained from doing joint acts because I thought I couldn’t do it.”

He continued, “Fans have been cheering for us quietly, thinking, ‘If you move your agency, it will be better’ or ‘It will change soon because there are fans who express their opinions. In the online community, the situation where Song Ji-hyo is always mentioned as a celebrity who lacks styling has continued. As a result, fans have come to the conclusion that they can no longer ignore it.”

He continued, “The problem with styling is not only to instill a negative perception of the actor in the public, but also that some fans, who are tired of the related problems, turn the arrow of responsibility to the actor. Being stubborn is a factor in the departure of fans who have recently joined (as a fan), and it causes difficulties in attracting new fans.”

They said, “I think you are well aware of how important the presence of fans is to celebrities. do,” he explained.

In addition, “Song Ji-hyo often took on easy-going characters. A casual role does not always mean that you have to wear old-fashioned and outdated clothes.” He said, “We ask for a replacement by a skilled and experienced stylist, refrain from wearing clothes that do not fit the concept, a styling combination and hair shop replacement, and a makeup shop replacement.” said.

Not just a statement, he urged the agency to “require quick feedback,” and urged the agency, “I don’t want the agency to give passive feedback, such as simply ignoring negative external reactions or deleting posts, as it has in the past.”

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photo| Screen capture of SBS ‘Running Man’


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