Anil.K.Anthony in BJP

New Delhi: Anil.K.Anthony, former joint head of social media wing of Congress and son of former Congress leader AK Antony, has joined the BJP. Union Minister Piyush Goyal welcomed Anil into the party at a ceremony held at the party’s national headquarters. BJP State President K. Anil’s party entry was in the presence of Surendran and Union Minister V. Muralidharan.

Anil leaves the Congress because of the BBC’s anti-national documentary Anil responded that the BBC is a media that works on preconceived notions and their documentary questions about India’s sovereignty and justice system. This was followed by the Congress cyber attack against Anil Antony
has been released.

Foreign Minister S. Anil Jaya also praised Shankar. Anil’s response was that Jaishankar excelled in promoting Indian interests in international arenas. Moreover, he was open against the defamatory statements made by the Congress and Rahul Gandhi against Veer Savar.

After leaving the relationship with the party, Anil criticized the Congress and Rahul. Anil also claimed that the Congress is under the control of Vrindam. Anil’s response was to highlight the Congress protests after Rahul’s expulsion by saying that the Congress party is moving behind someone’s stupidity.