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Anil’s fond memory | Anil Nedumangad | Malayalam News

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Anil Nedumangad, a graduate of the Thrissur School of Drama, Thiruvananthapuram, was called by Adoor Gopalakrishnan while looking for an opportunity to act in a film. He hung up the phone saying that he was not filming now and that it would take time but the needy were not ready to back down. Anil himself has shared the story of how he went home to meet the famous director and ask for a chance. When the calling bell went missing at Adoor’s house, the bell hanging in front rang. Adoor opened the door with a smile.

‘Sir … I have heard many people ring the bell and go to the cinema’ – he laughed at that first dialogue with the most respected director in the country. Anil has said that he was advised to act in a commercial film if he wants to earn a living and that it would be better to see those who make such films.

Anil’s first address among the Malayalees was in front of Adoor. It was through satirical programs on TV channels. Today, it can be said that Anil is the pioneer of Malayalam satire, which is indispensable for TV channels and includes movie scenes. Anil innovated ‘Jurassic World’ with his presentation style and content.

Anil, who started acting at an early age, was initially active in drama and later in television, but his goal was cinema. The effortless acting style, dialogue presentation style and distinctive voice acquired through theatrical performances made the silver screen stand out. After films like Paavada, Nonsense, Ilayaraja, Porinchu Mariam Jose and Let Those Who Have No Sin Stone, the masterpiece became CI Satheesh in Ayyappan and Koshy. The demise of Sachi, who became a close friend, had left Anil paralyzed. Police roles were also used in later films (Hunting, Beginning, and Fighting) in recognition of that character. Khaki also acted in the last film in Thodupuzha.

Anil described his late arrival in the film as if he got a job during his retirement. When he arrives late and conquers the cell, he surrenders to the verdict and returns prematurely.

The rest is 2 days of shooting

Anil returned from the location of ‘Peace’ and from that film family with only 2 days of shooting left. Newcomer K. The film is directed by Sanfeer. Siddique and Asha Sarath will be seen in the lead roles along with Jojo George. Anil stayed in Thodupuzha to complete the remaining short shots in the completed scenes.

He also acted in the movie ‘Anuradha’ which is being shot in Kochi.


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