Animal protein is … Red meat is the worst for diabetes

Among animal protein foods, consumption of low-fat dairy reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, while processed meats and red meat increase the risk, according to a new analysis.

At the annual meeting of the European Association of Diabetes (EASD 2022) held on the 20th, a comprehensive review of a dose-response meta-analysis of 13 studies was presented.

This study is considered to be the first comprehensive meta-analysis to look at the relationship between the risk of type 2 diabetes of food derived from animals.

Most current treatment guidelines for type 2 diabetes point to a high-fat, high-protein diet as the cause of the disease, as well as eating too much sugar.

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The researchers set out to analyze the relationship between animal foods and the development of diabetes, as there are differences of opinion on cross-sectional animal foods, where guidelines for the prevention of type 2 diabetes focus mainly on plant foods.

A meta-analysis of 13 studies included 175 summary hazard ratios of type 2 diabetes incidence by food: whole meat, red meat, white meat, processed meat, fish, milk, whole-fat milk, low-fat milk, milk , cheese, yogurt, or egg (RR) introduced.

First, foods that increased the risk of the disease increased the risk by 20%, 22%, and 30%, respectively, in total meat (RR 1.20), red meat (RR 1.22), and processed meat. processing (50 gy per day, RR 1.30).

In the case of dairy products, the opposite was true.

The association of type 2 diabetes with total milk (RR 0.95), low-fat milk (0.96), milk (0.90), and yogurt (100 g/day, 0.94) was associated with an average risk reduction of approximately 6%.

“The whey protein in milk has beneficial effects on post-meal blood glucose control and appetite and weight control,” the researchers said. “Probiotics found in yogurt are associated with weight gain and protective effects against obesity.”

“On the other hand, meat is full of cholesterol, saturated fatty acids, and heme iron, which can affect insulin sensitivity and inflammation. It contains sodium which can have an effect,” he added.

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