Animal rights group “‘Taejong Lee Bang-won’s accusation of animal abuse”… national petition

Amid controversy over animal cruelty after it became known that a horse that was forcibly crouched for filming a scene in the KBS historical drama ‘Taejong Lee Bang-won’ died, an animal rights organization has filed a complaint with the police against the person in charge of the drama set.

According to the police on the 21st, ‘Kara’, an animal rights protection group, filed a complaint with the Seoul Mapo Police Station yesterday for violating the Animal Protection Act.

Kara said, “KBS has made an official statement about this incident as ‘unfortunate’ or ‘unfortunate’, but this horrific situation is not a simple accident or mistake, it is a very carefully planned production, and it is clearly an act of deliberate cruelty to animals.” He pointed out, “The public broadcaster KBS, which operates on subscription fees, should not end this situation with an apology at the level of a ‘sorry’.”

The Korea Animal Protection Association also held a press conference this afternoon in front of the KBS main building in Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, accusing the drama production team of being abused to knock down the horse and cause it to die.

Previously, Kara and Animal Freedom Association released a video of a horse being forcibly knocked down on the floor at the filming site of ‘Taejong Lee Bang-won’ on the 19th.

This scene was directed by Seong-gye Lee in the 7th episode of ‘Taejong Lee Bang-won’, which aired on the 1st of this month.

Groups criticized this type of filming as an act of cruelty that violates the Animal Protection Act, which bans any act of harming animals, and demanded confirmation of the horse’s survival.

KBS said in a statement yesterday, “The horse got up on its own right after the accident and returned after confirming that there were no apparent injuries. I confirmed that I did it.” He promised to prevent a recurrence and apologized, but the controversy did not subside.

(Photo=Courtesy of Kara, Captured from the Blue House National Petition Bulletin Board, Yonhap News)



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