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Anker Power Bank 535 (PowerCore 20000)

Anchor Japan Co., Ltd. has announced that it will voluntarily recall the mobile battery “Anker 535 Power Bank (PowerCore 20000)” released by the company in November 2022 due to defects due to the unique design of the base product.

The product to be voluntarily recalled is the Anker Power Bank 535 (PowerCore 20000), a mobile battery that the company has been selling since November 17, 2022. It is available in 5 colors, but each covered. Currently, we collect and refund products, and we guide users who own products to contact us through a special web page or phone window.

Due to several incidents of this product catching fire outside of Japan, we stopped selling it and conducted an investigation. In addition, there are no confirmed cases of ignition in Japan, and there is said to be no reproduction other than this product.

As for the case, the assembly was done before the glue on the part that detects the temperature (NTC thermistor) was completely cured. It is said to be because there was a case where it was lost. Unlike other products, this product has an NTC thermistor on the back side, so it is said that there is a solid that could easily move and cause an internal short circuit.

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