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2021 is just around the corner. Lifehacker[Japan Version]The editorial department and the writer will introduce the items that have made “Work Fast, Live Slow”, which is the tagline of Lifehacker, which is good to buy this year.

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A mobile battery that has been postponed for a long time, “Let’s buy, let’s buy …”.

When I finally bought it with a heavy waist in the middle of 2021, not only was I freed from the “fear of running out of smartphone”, but now I have become a partner who leads to improved QOL!

Let me tell you about his success.

Anker’s high-capacity mobile battery

I bought “Anker,” which everyone loves.PowerCore 20100」。

The most important point when choosing from among the many mobile batteries iscapacityis.

I want you to supply as much power as possible with one full charge! There is also a sense of security in the word “large capacity”.

Officially says “iPhone 11 Pro can be charged about 4 times or more, Galaxy S9 can be charged about 5 times, and iPad Pro (11-inch 2018 model) can be charged about 2 times.So, it seems that there is no problem (in fact, there is too much power!).

also,Equipped with two portsIt is also possible to share it with friends and family.

There are three points that make me feel “I’m glad I did this!” By continuing to use such “PowerCore 20100”.

Slim and compact

Anker mobile battery

The shape is slim and compact. It’s the perfect size to carry around.

I often use it outdoors, so my style is to put it in my backpack’s PET bottle pocket and charge it while walking.

Matte texture

Anker mobile battery

It doesn’t have the rugged impression that gadgets tend to have, but it has a matte texture and a luxurious appearance.

With a design that does not float even when placed in an office or room, it goes well with items that you usually carry around.

Fast charging speed

Anker mobile battery

And what surprised me was the speed of charging! I haven’t measured it exactly, but I feel that I can charge 30-40% in 30 minutes.

If you connect it to a long travel time or a gap time when you do not use your smartphone, it seems that you will not be damaged by running out of charge of your smartphone.

Free from the fear of running out of charge! I was invited …

In this way, the author who was released from the fear of running out of charge of the smartphone was invited …Mountain!

Yes, with Anker’s mobile battery in hand, I’m free from the anxieties that always accompany me, and I’m no longer afraid to go to nature.

View from the mountain
A landscape in the mountains. You can take many such pictures with your smartphone!

After purchasing this, my hobby of mountain climbing progresses and progresses. I went to the mountains for weeks in a row, bought new hiking shoes, and my heart and wallet became liberal.

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The difficulty is “weight” and “time to fully charge”. but!

Anker mobile battery

A little regrettable is the weight and the time it takes to fully charge the main unit.

I feel that this is unavoidable as long as we demand a large capacity.

but! For me,It is a big merit that I was freed from the hassle of always worrying about “out of charge of my smartphone”, and above all, it promoted my hobby of mountain climbing.was.

If you’re hesitant to buy a mobile battery, don’t hesitate to buy it.

Not only will it free you from the fear of “out of charge”, but it will also lead you to the wonderful outside world!

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