‘Ann-Chakrapong Jakrajutathip joins Nishita Shah, CEO of GP Group, hoping to bring the Miss Universe organization to the New York Stock Exchange.

Tuesday, 07 February 2023, 5:32 am

‘Ann-Chakkaphong Jakrajutatip, Chief Executive Officer of JKN Group Public Company Limited or JKN, joins Nishita Shah, one of the executives of the GP Group, to strengthen the business of MUO after Unistretch prepares to buy.PP shares JKN in the amount of 66,666,666 shares at a price of 4.50 baht, pushing forward with MUO’s business expansion plan, aiming to earn 1,100 million baht, ready to lead the Miss Universe organizationListed on the stock exchangeNew York in the future

Mr. Chakkaphong Jakrajutatip CEOThe Director and Managing Director of JKN Global Group Public Company Limited or JKN revealed that he, together with Ms. Nishita Shah, one of the executive officers of the GP Group, has announced a collaboration toManagement of the Miss Universe Organization or Miss Universe Organization (MUO), which is one of the leading organizations in the world.around the world and owns the Miss Universe brand that is recognized by people around the worldworld for more than 71 years, with the desire to pushMiss Universe Pageant It is a platform for empowerment.of modern women andlead social changemake the world better At the same time, in terms of businessThe goal is to push the organizationA universe towards sustainable growthin a sustainable waywork of 9 income structures that are clear to drive revenue of 1,100 million baht

this collaboration born from the vision and concept ofLooking for Miss Universe organization jobsTogether, Unistretch Co, Ltd under the GP Group is interested in buying shares.capital increase forSpecial sales for BuPrivate Placement (PP) in the amount of 66,666,666 shares at a price of 4.50 baht per share to be a strategic partner.in co-driving the MUO business by bringing experience and expertiseBusiness Administration Specialisttwo parties to decide togetherin terms of operational policies and servicesFind the Miss Universe organization that is United States with the goal of leading the organizationUnited States registeredListed on the New York Stock Exchangefuture

However, it still needs to be importedMeeting of the Board of Directors according to the procedure, includingfollow the regulatory processand the laws of the stock marketof Thailand and the Securities and Exchange Commissionand the Stock Exchange of Thailand must alsocarry out the filing process according to the criteriafrom the Office of the Securities and Exchange CommissionSecurities and ExchangeUnited States of America (SEC)

“We both have the same goal.while creating growth for the bodyKorn Miss Universe to be a platform for changechange for people in society everywherearound the world, including having a way of working togethertogether to bring the Miss Universe brand to the next levelbusiness to generate growthGrow up around the world by setting up a backpackThe goal is to earn 1,100 million baht and bring in the Miss Universe organizationListed on the Stock Exchange of ThailandNew York in the future,” Chakrapong said.

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