Ann Oradee opens her heart to meet a large Swedish woman who resents her. Reference to love with Boy Sirichai, damage the reputation

Ann Oradee opens her heart to meet a large Swedish woman who resents her. Reference to love with Boy Sirichai, damage the reputation

from the case of a big girl who lives in Sweden Claiming to be a YouTuber making a clip criticizing a famous maid Ann Oradee with insults, insults, insults in a destructive way Ready to criticize love with the love Mor Lam Sirichai boy make fans of Ann-Boy was not satisfied and took revenge with fury.

latest Ann Oradee The issue was opened before going on a show at Tawandang German Brewery, Chaengwattana.

by Ann Oradee He revealed, “Ann said, as an artist, we had to meet everyone. But this time it might be a little heavy and it might be a little too strong. Indeed, as you know, this YouTube channel has a character when presenting news like this. saw and listened to some As Ann was not even an independent artist. At that time, he was still a doctor. “

Where did he talk about us?
“It’s a general criticism. It is heavy and not heavy according to our news at that time. But that is really serious and heavy, it should be now. How many inappropriate words did he use?”

What words are harshly affecting our reputation?
“In reality, people have a past before they arrive today. Ann also had personal reasons. Whether it’s a fan Family matters, work matters, picking up stories from the past, let’s talk about people misunderstanding us. Or take old stories to tell, it’s not over yet. He came as if to analyze why he had to break up with the old one. Why would you date this person? Using the same harsh words Why do you criticize us like this, because of our personal matter really. And what I have said is not true at all. not true Then come and tell many The people who listened to the clip understood it, so let’s go together.”

Does it affect our work?
“It didn’t affect Ann at all. I didn’t feel the importance of this place. But when we looked over and heard I felt why it was so intense. Now Ann has the opportunity to speak and she would like to explain to all the fans. If you really follow us He should focus more on work and acting.”

Did his words mislead the fans?
“There will also be comments, cursing each other, cursing each other, causing us damage. And some people use statements that are too strong. “

Want to sue?
“No, before, when the clip came out that day, Ann finally went to watch until the end. and then comment Wanted to comment to let him know we’re listening We’re aware He was trying to find a way to break the clip. We also had the opportunity to go live with fans. already described for a while The issues he talks about will also have Ann and Pee Boy. Brother Boy was the one who said it was inappropriate, inappropriate.”

part of what he said The matter that came to meet the boy?
“Yes, he has everything. To be honest, no one knows why they got together. What does it come from? If you are really our fans to know where to go Enough after that we will become better known. people he got to know us He had to watch the news and hear the clip. You may think this is true, is it misleading people? Why not show us the creative side and the better side? Because we are also Isaan people, and when they go abroad, we should support each other more. “

When did this problem occur? And what was the answer to him?
“Comments, greetings as usual. Hi, mom. I always follow and watch my mom’s clip. is to make him realize Our fans also go in, he knows, he still interacts with our supporters.”

Is he still talking about us now?
“There you go, keep coming.”

and not the first time How do we want to deal with it?
“Ann didn’t want it to be that serious. We think we can still talk. But when I had the chance to say here wanted to break up Present Ann news as usual. But I’d like it to be a better way than being cute, without having the drama of causing problems.

If he came out for revenge Will we sue?
“Ann came to speak this time, it was a comfort to Ann. Whether this is true or any news I want everyone to have discretion when watching and listening. It has to be considered carefully. before whether this news is true or not I believe everyone has their reasons. Every story must have a cause and a cause. I want you to think a little before you believe.”

How do you talk to P’Boy?
“They both lost their senses when they heard. because I didn’t think it would be serious. I didn’t want to come and say But we have already explained to the fans. and sent it to him and thought it would pass.”

Does this affect our relationship with Boy?
“No, because we talk all the time, understand each other, we just don’t want to talk about the same thing again. It wasn’t over. And then he referred to the 3rd and 4th person for a longer time, that is, the story ended well on all sides in every way. We don’t want the fans to fight amongst themselves, it’s prolonged.”

Do you think why he has to talk to us in a negative, discrediting way?
“I thought the same thing. But I thought he wouldn’t allow every hundred people to love us. We have to do half of what we have to face. But if something is too much, we have to speak up.”

You don’t know each other personally, right?
“I didn’t know that a YouTube number made a clip criticizing Mor Lam’s story. and then talking about us all the time, analyzing why he got off Mo Lam Why did you come out to take a solo job? Until it comes to the issue with P’ Boy. Why did you break up with the old one? if it continues It’s okay to continue the flow of the island. We didn’t say anything. I probably won’t take anything anymore. Come out and say it here, people who don’t know about it understand this and are satisfied.”

It reduces the feeling of passing better. There were days when we were tired. We felt we were going to do something for him. No one wants their life to be bad. No one wants their previous life to be bad. Some things are things we have to face. we must choose our own path It has its own reasons.

After this, if he still talks about us non-stop, if he’s heavier?
“I will have to consider how it must be. If it’s heavier than this, we have to see what we have to do next. Some lawyers are consulted. There is a younger brother who is also a lawyer. We’re waiting to see what happens next.”

From this event, how do the fans support us?
“Encouragement, send me a message. It is a group that always supports and encourages each other every day, even if there is no problem. When there was a problem, he became even more concerned about our state of mind that we can work. It takes a lot of energy to perform daily.”

Is it difficult when we don’t have an agency? No one takes care of us fully for various rights. the image of the artist That we have to publicize ourselves?
“Ann does not consider herself a famous artist. We were born from Mor Lam. is one who does this job enough to be known And we don’t think we have to be anywhere. How many acquaintances do you have and how do you behave? Well, now Ann lives a very normal life, free or not, the freedom is still the same. But what is different is working more. Just more responsibility.”

when there is damage Is there any way we can take care of our own image?
“The first thing is to let go. But if it’s really heavy, we have to come out and talk. Ann is very clear and direct when expressing her opinion. Before that, Ann didn’t speak at all, only Pee Boy did. This time had just come out.”

And now there are still people disturbing in front of the stage?
“There is. There is normal. There is every job. I met quite hard.”

Ann thinks artists have the right to retaliate against fans who misbehave with us in front of the stage?
“Yes, we are the same people. He was only given the duty of being the singer artist Listener only. The right is already the same to clarify. I will say that is still light, do not remove it, it must already be equal. Not just thinking about hiring someone to sing and having to do something with us, not Ann, I feel it’s equal. It’s not like you can do anything with us. Some people pick us up. One day, we ran many jobs. All kinds are the same But we feel that today has passed, that it has passed. I don’t want to come and say it, post it on the Facebook page to let people know another angle before we can go through every day, what is it? I want to be another mouth representing artists, like the young people who sing in the shop, they come out and post a lot. being slandered by fans saying bad things about parents and family too.”

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