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Announced! Best of the Year award JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2021

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It’s over for the award ceremony JTMA202 BUZZ or JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2021, the music award ceremony of the year that music fans all over the country have been waiting for. By this time coming in a new dimension With the award announcement through the short video clip ‘JOOX BUZZ’, the list of award winning artists in all 5 categories was officially announced via the JOOX music app on May 28.
After opening for A group of people working behind the music industry, mass media and music fans across the country. Has joined the vote for the artists who were nominated for JTMA2021 BUZZ on April 26 – May 9, with feedback from fans to vote across the country, 70,718,852 votes and a BUZZ clip was sent. In order to cheer and encourage their favorite artists, over 500,000 clips this year, the JTMA2021 BUZZ Winner Judging Criteria is based on 3 points: the total listening (music stream) on JOOX, offline music download and Sharing over the past 1 year is 70%, voting results from people in the music industry. And people in the entertainment industry Accounted for 10%, the votes come from the votes of the fans nationwide. Accounted for 20, except for the Top Social Artist of the Year award category where the result is 100% of the vote, which can be summarized as follows:
Winner of the JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2021 in all 5 categories

● NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR | New Artist of the Year
Including BILLKIN
● LUKTHUNG SONG OF THE YEAR | Country Song of the Year
Such as Rak Na Thawawan, artist Nook Thanadon, Pai Pai Oreo.
Including GOT7
● SONG OF THE YEAR | Song of the Year
There are songs of Pee Do Not Tempted OST. Ai .. People are tempted by artist BamBam (GOT7).
● ARTIST OF THE YEAR | Artist of the Year

Anyone who missed out on watching this award ceremony Can watch Clips of the JOOX Thailand Music Awards 2021 or JTMA2021 BUZZ, including all the atmosphere pictures can be retrospective at JOOX only, and if everyone wants to see their favorite artists receive the JTMA award in the next year, be sure to listen to their music. From today on JOOX because every listening It affects every prize, the more you listen, the more privileged


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