Announcement of large sale dates such as Steam and winter sale. Valve reveals himself if it’s leaked too much –AUTOMATON

Valve, which operates Steam, has released the schedule of large-scale events such as sales to be held on the platform in the “Steamworks” document for the developer environment. This itinerary can be viewed not only by developers but also by general users. Until now, there have been cases where sale information was shared due to advance leaks, but it is unusual for Valve to release the schedule in advance.

The two events that have ended, the Halloween sale scheduled to start on the 28th, and the autumn and winter sale dates for autumn and winter have been released this time. Event specifications and marketing information are shared on the Halloween sale details page. It’s interesting not only for developers but also for users. The event information scheduled to be held from today is as follows.

Steam Halloween Sale
October 28-November 1, 2021

Steam Autumn Sale
November 24-30, 2021

Steam Winter Sale
December 22, 2021-January 5, 2022

As mentioned above, it was almost customary for sale information to be leaked in advance, so it is possible that Valve decided to release it. Valve has recently shared details on larger events, such as the schedule for the Steam Festival, a large-scale demo event, on Steamworks. With that flow, it may have been decided to disclose the sale time in advance.

Anyway, the early disclosure of information will make it easier to schedule game purchases. It is also interesting that the sale schedule after next year will be announced in advance like this time. I’m worried about the “wait until the sale”, but let’s trust Valve’s decision. The latest Steam Halloween sale will be held from October 28th, the day after tomorrow. Steam users should look forward to consulting with their wallet.


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