Announcer Kim Jeong-geun, the second resignation of MBC “New beginning”

publisher Kim Jeong-geun. picture| SNS Kim Jeong-geun

Announcer Kim Jung-geun is leaving MBC for the second time.

On the 6th, Kim Jung-geun posted an article on Instagram saying, “My youth, my MBC, who hugged me twice, made me aware of the use of a person like me, and trained me through happiness and frustration, I leave. again.”

He continued, “I started again to gain new strength in the past, the turning point in my life. I will finish the last week well,” he added.

Kim Jeong-geun also said, “Twice. he resigned twice. He also added the hashtag “New beginnings”.

Kim Jung-geun joined MBC as an announcer in 2004. Afterwards, he worked as a freelancer after leaving the company in 2017, but drew attention by rejoining the company in 2018, a year after leaving the company.

Kim Jung-geun married publicist Lee Ji-ae in 2010 and has one son and one daughter.

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