Announcer Kim Su-ji, ♥ Married to Han Ki-joo… “I was worried that I would get overheated.”

MBC announcer Kim Su-ji revealed her feelings about marriage with singer Han Ki-joo.

Kim Su-ji posted several photos on Instagram on the 9th with the caption, “Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on the wedding yesterday.” In the published photo, Kim Su-ji is showing off her elegant wedding dress and enjoying happiness.

Kim Su-ji said, “I was worried that I would cry, but I loved the atmosphere of people I liked and congratulated me, so I couldn’t even cry. My husband sings the congratulatory song well) All of the things I set out for were accomplished very naturally, so I was personally very proud.

Then, he expressed his gratitude by saying, “To everyone who came and sent their hearts even if they couldn’t come!

Netizens congratulated the wedding, saying, “Suzy, live happily ever after” and “You went through a lot and you were so pretty.”

Meanwhile, Kim Suji joined MBC in 2017 and worked as an anchor in programs such as ‘News Desk’ and ‘News Today’. Kim Su-ji and Han Ki-joo first met on the MBC entertainment program ‘Oh My Partner’ and got married on the 8th.

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photo| Kim Su-ji SNS

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