Announcing a new sim from “PC Building Simulator” developer “The Repair House”! Try repair and restore this time | Game * Spark

In the “PC Gaming Show 2023 Preview” held from 3:00 am on November 18, Japan time, the new simulator “PC Building Simulator” creator Claudiu KissThe Repair House]was published.

This work is a game that hosts a repair workshop, and repairs and restores various items such as musical instruments, arcade cabinets, antiques, and toys. You can experience detailed procedures from disassembly and assembly to dirt removal and painting. It turns out that you can also collect repaired items by arranging them in the expandable workshop.

  • Run your own repair shop in a relaxing repair and restoration game from the original creators of “PC Building Simulator”.

  • Unlock new tools and equipment and customize your workshop to make it your own.

  • Find unique items to repair and restore, including musical instruments, arcade cabinets, antiques and toys. All are accurately recreated for a complete restoration experience.

  • Experience the joy of cleaning old things. You can use sandblasting to remove rust and make the metal shine, or paint it as you wish with a paint tool.

  • Explore barns, flea markets, auction houses, warehouses and more to find hidden treasures and bargain at the best price.

Repair enthusiasts will love The Repair House, coming to Windows in 2023 on Steam.

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