Announcing the birth of Youngjun star Lee Baejunho Again 2019

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The national team, which reached the quarter-finals of the Under-20 World Cup for the second time in a row, was assessed as having no superstars.

Players who are close to unknown, such as Bae Jun-ho and Lee Young-joon, anticipate the birth of a star on the world stage.

This is reporter Kim Tae-woon.

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A sharp cross that helped Lee Yeongjun’s great goal.

Sensual first touch, witty trick, and quiet finish.

[안정환/MBC 해설위원]

″ He bowed very quietly well. I mean, I spent a lot of time practicing. What you can intend in a moment must be ingrained in you.”

Bae Jun-ho, who is the only member of the team to play as a starting pitcher in the K-League 1 stage, has been sidelined by injury since the first round of the qualifiers, but with excellent personal skills, he scored a goal and assisted from one to one, announcing the revival of the number 10 ace.

[서형욱/MBC 해설위원]

″This is Bae Jun-ho, showing activity that really suits the number 10 today.″

[배준호/U-20 대표팀]

“Ever since the preliminary round, I felt sorry for my teammates because I had an injury, and I ran to think about working harder than I thought I would do well, and I think there are good results.”

Lee Young-joon, a military man who scored two goals in this tournament, is also considered as the best discovery in Kim Eun-joong.

As if to break the prejudice that tall players are boring, he is attracting attention as a new type of target striker because he is good at keeping the ball as well as dribbling and kicking skills.

[안정환/MBC 해설위원]

“I score on the offensive side and it’s good, but on the defensive side, she helps the team a lot. Youngjun Lee’s purposeful play created many chances where he could attack and score.”

Even the captain Lee Seung- won, who is not flashy but scored a goal and three assists with a quick kick.

The hidden games of Kim Eun-joong, who has been evaluated as having no stars, is emerging as a new hope for Korean football.

This is Kim Tae-woon from MBC News.

Video editing: Park Jeong-ho


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