Announcing the Exciting Bangkok Outdoor Film Festival 2023: A Celebration of the Film Industry and Stunning Locations

Introducing the Bangkok Outdoor Festival 2023

Bangkok, October 3, 2023 – Mr. Sanont Wangsangbun, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, has announced the highly anticipated “Bangkok Outdoor Festival” for this year. Taking into consideration the obstacles faced during the previous edition held in the rainy season, the event has been strategically scheduled to avoid similar challenges. This decision was made after careful consideration of various indoor and outdoor screening locations.

The Bangkok Outdoor Festival aligns with the city’s policy of offering 12 months of celebration through 12 holidays. Adding to the excitement this year is the introduction of BFMCC (Bangkok Filmmaking Coordinator Center), a one-stop hub for film coordination in the Bangkok area. The festival aims to highlight the significance of the film industry beyond mere leisure, emphasizing the vast number of professionals working behind the scenes.

The challenges faced last year, particularly in terms of filming locations, have spurred the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) into action. The BMA’s responsibility for securing suitable locations has evolved as a direct result of the festival organization and the subsequent establishment of the One Stop Service.

“Bangkok Outdoor Film Festival” – A Collaborative Effort

In collaboration with the Film Directors Association of Thailand, the Film Archive (Public Institution), and the Outdoor Film Association of Thailand, Bangkok proudly presents the “Bangkok Outdoor Film Festival.” This highly anticipated event will run from October 7 to November 12, 2023, spanning over six weekends. With a total of seven carefully selected locations and an impressive lineup of 22 films, this festival promises an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Here’s the timetable showcasing the films:

  • Weekend 1 (October 7-8):
    • Film 1
    • Film 2
    • Film 3
  • Weekend 2 (October 14-15):
    • Film 4
    • Film 5
    • Film 6
  • Weekend 3 (October 21-22):
    • Film 7
    • Film 8
    • Film 9
  • Weekend 4 (October 28-29):
    • Film 10
    • Film 11
    • Film 12
  • Weekend 5 (November 4-5):
    • Film 13
    • Film 14
    • Film 15
  • Weekend 6 (November 11-12):
    • Film 16
    • Film 17
    • Film 18

Experience the magic of cinema under the open skies of Bangkok at the Bangkok Outdoor Film Festival. Don’t miss this remarkable celebration of art, entertainment, and industry.

October 3, 2023, Mr. Sanont Wangsangbun, Deputy Governor of Bangkok Announcement of the event “Bangkok Outdoor Festival” 2023, noting that we organized the Bangkok Outdoor Festival last year during the rainy season, which may have had some obstacles when screening. This year, we therefore avoided the event in October by looking at several screening locations, both indoors and outdoors.

This Bangkok Outdoor Festival is in the policy of 12 months, 12 holidays. Another thing that has been added is BFMCC (Bangkok Filmmaking Coordinator Center), a film coordination center in the Bangkok area or a One Stop Service for requesting filming . It must be said that not all festivals are just for leisure. It’s also about understanding the industry.

Film is an industry with many people behind the scenes. Actors are not just people. But there are tens of thousands of people working behind the scenes on the production line. The big pain point we tried to fix last year was the filming location, which is the direct responsibility of the BMA. evolution. That came from our work organizing the festival and expanding it into a One Stop Service.

Bangkok, together with the Film Directors Association of Thailand, the Film Archive (Public Institution), and the Outdoor Film Association of Thailand, organized the “Bangkok Outdoor Film Festival” from 7 October – 12 November 2023 with 6 weekends, 7 locations, 22 films , with a timetable. Showing films as follows:

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