Announcing two Nendoroids of the Metroidvania Masterpiece “Hollow Knight” « doope!

At the Wonder Hobby Gallery 2023 SPRING held over the weekend, Good Smile Company unveiled a variety of new products and prototypes of previously announced works, and will release Nendoroids that reproduce the Wanderer and Hornet from the Metroidvania masterpiece “Hollow Knight” It became clear.

Currently, the release date of the Nendoroid “Hollow Knight” is unknown, but along with the announcement, a cute prototype image has appeared.

This time, in addition to the Nendoroid “Hollow Knight”, “Nendoroid Kiriko” from “Overwatch”, “Nendoroid Rebecca” from “Cyberpunk Edgerunners”, “Nendoroid Master Chief” from “Halo Infinite”, and “Nendoroid” from ” OMORI “. We will present images of new products such as “Omori”, “Diablo III” “Nendoroid Demon Hunter”, and “Silent Hill” “Trangle Head” POP UP PARADE.