Annual sales of 80 million earned in just 15 minutes of business hours? Doubtful snack bar in Daegu

A signboard that a snack bar is registered on the Naver portal. Illustration has now been replaced. /Naver Place

A pizza costs 63,000 won, and a roll of gimbap costs 16,000 won. Business hours are between 2:00 PM and 2:15 PM every day, only 15 minutes. When you call the number provided to order, only a recorded message that says, ‘Your phone is switched off’ comes out. What is the identity of this snack bar with only one or two questionable points?

On the 26th, various social media and online communities were flooded with posts about snack bar A in Dalseo-gu, Daegu. This is because everything from the shop’s menu to prices and hours of operation is unusual.

The exterior image registered as a business photo on the portal was a composite of just the name of snack bar A with other snack bar buildings. Currently, composite photos are gone and replaced with images of snack bars. Still, the actual exterior of snack bar A cannot be confirmed.

Photo of a restaurant company registration that has been changed from a composite photo to an illustration. /Naver Place

The menu includes pizza, tteokbokki, tteokbokki rosé, tteokbokki rosé cheese, and kimbap. Menu prices change frequently. The price of a pizza is not set according to the market price, but 63,000 was won and then suddenly dropped to 35,000 won by about 30,000 won. The price of kimbap is the same. The price of one line was 6,000 won, but suddenly it more than doubled in one day to 16,000 won. Although companies were registered in various delivery apps, menus and prices were different here as well.

The menu submission registered on the portal is full of typos. “Fresh vegetables, seafoodsecond ingredientsecond Extra flavor.” “Fresh ingredients are picked immediately every day.i We cook it and prepare it for you to eat.” In fact, snack bar A does not have a menu with seafood. Even these menu presentations are now gone.

The strangest thing is that they do not accept orders even though they are registered as a company on delivery portals and apps. First of all, business hours are only 15 minutes from 2:00 PM to 2:15 PM. Even if you call at this time, you cannot place an order. On this day, tried to call the number listed on the portal, but only a recorded comment came out saying, ‘Your phone is switched off’. I have not heard any answers to my claims. Even in the delivery app, only the phrase ‘prepare’ floats, and there are no reviews.

In an online community the day before, there were comments like “I tried to call, but only ‘no at the moment’ the man replied with a vague tone to the question ‘Are you operating?'” “I asked how to send pizza through the message function of the portal, but there was no answer.” It also came out Among netizens, there was a lot of speculation about the identity of snack bar A. “Isn’t this a Chinese secret police station?” “It appears to be for drug dealing or money laundering.” Some netizens said it reminded them of the movie “Extreme Job,” where police officers work undercover by opening an undercover chicken restaurant.

A There is no signboard at the restaurant’s registered address. / Map Naver

If so, does snack bar A actually operate? Not even this. There is no signboard at the registered address next to the snack bar. They don’t even do business. This is the reason the snack bar had to register a composite photo for the presentation photo, and even had to change this to a picture. Snack shop A is located in a general market, and even the merchant association did not know about the existence of snack shop A. An official from the merchant association told that day, “I thought that it was just a vacancy because there was no signboard and no business.”

Even in this situation, the annual sales of snack bar A are estimated to be over 80 million earned. If you look at the business registration number listed on the delivery app, it says ‘VAT general taxpayer’. Generally, general taxpayers qualify when more than 80 million sales were earned in the previous year.

Restaurant A may have simply been registered as a general taxpayer for the first time in less than a year since opening. However, in this regard, a tax accountant said, “In the first place, small-scale businesses such as snack bars register as simpler taxpayers to pay less tax.” Most of them register as simplified taxpayers, and when their annual sales exceed 80 million won, they switch to regular taxpayers from then on.”

It has not been confirmed whether restaurant A is actually a store for the sale of snacks, or whether there are other intentions. However, ongoing business without a signboard is subject to conflict. The Food Hygiene Act states that the business name or trade name must be marked unconditionally. In the event of a breach, fines are issued, and if not corrected, it is possible to suspend or cancel a business.

On this day, tried to connect the phone several times to hear the location of snack bar A, but only announcements such as ‘the phone is off’ and ‘the customer does not answer the phone’ came out. .


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