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Original title: Another color of “Dark Glory” besides the refreshment of revenge ︱ Literary Criticism

Another color of “Dark Glory” as well as the refreshment of revenge ︱ Literary Criticism

Text/Liu Kexin

Before the second season of “Dark Glory” (hereafter referred to as “Dark Glory 2”) is broadcast, all viewers have only one request for it: do not leave it unfinished. This “unfinished update” includes forgiveness, redemption, giving up revenge, handshakes and peace and other well-intentioned but outdated endings. At the same time, the second season that the audience is looking forward to has to be able to catch up with the plot that was thrown out in the first season: how cruel the bullying plot is in the first season, how powerful is the revenge counterattack in the second. the season must be.

As an ordinary viewer, I hope that “Dark Glory 2” will also go in this direction. But on the third day after watching the TV series in one breath, when I revisited the TV series again, what I thought about was not just the “cool” of revenge.


The plot in the first season of “Dark Glory” has already laid the foundation for the second season: Wen Dongen, played by Song Hye Kyo, suffered physical and mental bullying in high school, even to the point of death . She who has bet everything in her life will never give up revenge easily. Therefore, the plot of the second part also meets the expectations of all the audiences – seeing the superficial happiness and peace of the bullied little group is torn apart, everyone is left by relatives and friends around them, without any redemption and peace, it can be described as The real “cool drama”.

But what impressed me the most in the revenge segment was Wen Dongen’s “revenge” against his mother. Not only did Wen Dongen’s mother stand by her daughter when she was bullied, but she even paid money to sign Dongen’s request to withdraw from school, so that the issue could not be resolved. Although she is a member of the family, Wen Dongen’s mother has also become one of the perpetrators of bullying. While carrying out the final revenge plan, maybe because of the blood relationship, maybe because of the expectations for changing his mother, Wen Dongen still left his mother with one last chance. When her mother personally lit the fire that Wen Dongen feared the most in an attempt to make her admit defeat, Wen Dongen’s last vestiges of goodwill were also destroyed. She cried and said to her mother: “Thank you, it hasn’t changed at all in all these years.” Maybe before that, she hesitated and felt guilty, but in the end, she sent the only blood relative to a mental hospital with her own hands.

Wen Dongen’s revenge on his mother (screenshot from the TV series)

The reason why this episode impressed me was not because the criminal was punished, but because of Wen Dongen’s final act of kindness. After facing the betrayal of her family, she is still able to have such kindness, which also makes it difficult for the audience to judge her. “Family is the biggest culprit”, this line appears again and again as a bullet point in the relevant plots of both seasons, and also reminds the audience what to do as a family when bullying happens.

Wen Dongen’s body is full of scalding scars (still image)

Another impressive clip comes from Jiang Xiannan, Wen Dongen’s helper to take revenge and a woman who suffered domestic violence. In the interview, Jiang Xiannan actor Lian Huilan said that she hopes to break through the representative color of the victim. And she did exactly that in her performance. After watching, many netizens said that they love and pay attention to the role of Jiang Xiannan played by Lian Huilan even more than the main character.

Lian Huilan showed another image of a victim of domestic violence in the drama, that is, “Although I was beaten, I am a bright woman” as the line said. The source of this clarity is her protection of her daughter and her desire for a new life as a woman. Although she said that in her next life she would become “a spy in leather and red lipstick”, Wen Dongen’s words gave her hope: “You can also wear red lipstick in this life.”

Throughout the revenge process, the friendship between Wen Dongen and Jiang Xiannan is also impressive. If there is only revenge and darkness in this drama, not only will the plot be too monotonous, but there will also be facial makeup problems when creating characters. It is these contrasts between light and darkness that make a special impression on the audience. After all, the pleasure of revenge is only a momentary sensual experience. Only kindness and kindness can satisfy people after repeated experience.

In “Dark Glory 2”, there are many other plots besides revenge. As a victim of bullying, the feelings of the audience were often mentioned about the heartbreak that Wen Dongen felt in meeting Yin Suxi, as well as the sympathy and encouragement between the landlord’s wife and Wen Dongen. I think most viewers will be moved when they see lines like “The water is too cold, let’s wait for the spring to die” and “Time has finally begun to flow, wish happy nineteenth birthday to us”. It happens to be spring now, and hopefully the warning brought by “Dark Glory” can arrive this spring.Return to Sohu to see more


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