Another couple! “Hall” has given up on “PEX, ZEAL band”, the answer is clear, he won’t go back.

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19 May 2022 – 2:02

Another couple! “Hall” has given up on “PEX, ZEAL band”, the answer is clear, he won’t go back.

Made a light shock after “Hall”, the girlfriend of the young singer “Pek, ZEAL” posted on Instagram announcing her single status. I broke up with the man already. After many years of dating Ready to shout, no need to cheer to go back because he didn’t go back

by the girl “Hall” has uploaded a clip to speak in her mind that “I want to tell my brothers and sisters and friends that some people may have seen or learned something, feel difficult to tell, can’t say. This we understand and anyone who knows something and wants to tell but has no chance to access Or have spoken to us, we have to apologize as well Which is in fact, whether it is the case before or after telling is that we know everything Everything has been cleared, there are answers, even those who know and don’t tell or know and want to tell. So I don’t want everyone to feel guilty or feel bad about having to choose one side. There is no side to that side. There are no secrets in the world, just stay still and the secret will come to you.”

And the person has also written a caption that reads, “DM is broken!! Yes, I’m single now. Can’t be more clear than this.. Hall also wishes Pex to be happy. I’m rooting for everything~ Love is always the same. just the status changed to brother Like the first day we met,, Thank you to everyone who has always supported and loved in our love. If I had to say I’m not sorry, it’s not true. But.. everyone must go on. You don’t have to cheer for me to go back. I won’t go back. #Love you all.”
In which this event, friends and close relatives came to comment to give encouragement.

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