Another deal in an accident! ADVANC announces sale of shares in AISCB back to SCBX.

cooperation deals of SCBX This was the second accident in the last year. INTRODUCTION Announcement to sell shares in it AISCB return to SCBX, but it was confirmed that there are still opportunities to collaborate in other ways in the future

He appears to be facing obstacles in many ways because “motherhood” or SCBX Public Company Limited or SCBX from Grŵp SCB which a few months earlier had just ‘missed the deal’Buy Bitkub shares trading platformCurrencyThe largest in Thailand worth 17,850 million baht.

because Bitkub There are many pending issues with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which is still uncertain about the timing of finding a conclusion. cause to failstock tradinggo first

And finally, SCBX has turned to opening the service itself through a securities company X Innovative Ref.

Latest big deals between SCBX and ADVANC or Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited, which jointly established AISCB Company Limited (AISCB) with a registered capital of up to 600 million baht to provide digital lending services, must also be closed.

After yesterday (November 25), ADVANC informed the Stock Exchange thatSale of AISCB shares already given to SCBX

by mr. Tee Seeumpornroj, Chief Financial Officer of ADVANC, said that ADVANC notified the Stock Exchange of Thailand on October 25, 2021 regarding the establishment of a joint venture company with Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited or SCB to conduct business under South AISCB

Which has the main objective of operating a lending service business through digital platforms According to the latest letter quoted, the company will sell all investments in AISCB to SCBX, SCB’s parent company.

The company is still open to the opportunity to work with SCBX in other ways in the future and the company still has a business direction to focus on becoming a digital life service provider. by extending from the company’s main business creating an experience of accessing services in different areas

The transaction is the disposal of assets. However, the amount of the transaction is not subject to compliance with the Capital Market Supervisory Board’s Notice and the regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand regarding the acquisition or disposal of assets.

However, SCBX still has several deals left for cooperation with other groups, such as joining the CP group. Established a venture capital fund called SCB-CP Group JV, focusing on investing in disruptive technology, joined the MGC Group to establish ALPHA X to hire purchase, lease and refinance luxury cars, etc.

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