“Another Eden: Cat that Traveled Through Time” Japanese version launched PC version can be connected with mobile version data “アナザーエデン时空を超える猫”

The Japanese version of “Another Eden: A Cat that Traveled Through Time”, a super-time adventure RPG produced by Wright Flyer Studios and from Japan, recently announced the launch of the PC version on December 6th. The charging type is free to play and includes paid items. Players will be able to link with the data of the smart phone version and share data through the automatic redirection function.

This is a large-scale single-player adventure RPG mobile game launched in Japan on April 12, 2017. In terms of the production lineup, the script and performance were led by Masato Kato, who was in charge of “The Key of Time and Time”; the composition was composed of Yasunori Mitsuta, who was also in charge of “The Key of Time and Time,” and the producer of “Arc Light Source 2 Will”. Tsuchiya Shunsuke, and includes more than 60 symphonies and music played with ethnic instruments; and the art director is in charge of Tenhi Ekusa, who once launched “Binchotan”; the game producer is Miyase Ryo.

According to the official, “Another Eden: Cat Traveling Through Time and Space” is a role-playing RPG game that travels through time and space to ancient, modern, and future, traveling and adventurous all over the world. At the end of the arduous journey through time and space to venture around, what is the “other Eden” that Alder and the others arrived at is for the players to explore on their own.

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Officials pointed out that in the PC version, players will be able to enjoy the story and the fun of battle through the big screen, and some operations are compatible with keyboards, while providing key configuration functions, allowing players to customize settings according to their own preferences, which is convenient for playing. In addition, the event for obtaining Kuronos Stone x 300 will also appear indefinitely.

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