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Last Friday (7/22), artist Lin Zhiying drove a Tesla Model X and hit the separation island of a car and motorcycle near Luzhu, Taoyuan. The vehicle immediately caught fire. Fortunately, Lin Zhiying and his youngest son escaped safely. Recently, a Toyota bZ4X electric SUV also had a car accident in the United States. The entire front cover was bumped, but luckily than the Model X, this bZ4X did not catch fire.

A 2023 Toyota bZ4X with the front of the car dented when it hit an unknown object.

The foreign media “Carscoops” found this 2023-style gray Toyota bZ4X XLE front-drive model on the car auction website “Copart”. It only drove 2,194 kilometers and charged about 6 times before it crashed due to unknowing conditions. Judging from the impact analysis of the front of the car, the front of the car is sunk toward the middle, which damages the electromechanical system in the front of the car. It seems to have hit a pole or a pillar or other facility.

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The driver’s airbag in the car has been deployed, but the cabin is largely intact.

The message “Please shift to P before leaving the vehicle” is also displayed on the instrument panel.

The driver’s seat airbag has also been deployed, but the integrity of the car is quite high, and it has achieved good passenger protection. The bZ4X has also won a five-star rating from NCAP. The message “Please shift to P before leaving the vehicle” is displayed on the dashboard.

However, it is not clear whether the battery of this bZ4X is damaged. Since it is an XLE front-wheel drive car, the battery pack is 71.4kWh and has a range of 252 miles (about 405 kilometers). However, foreign media believe that this bZ4X is no longer suitable for re-repair and then go on the road.

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