Another ex-government summons… a sensitive reaction, why did you accompany the tour?

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In this way, President Yoon replaced the explanation of the personnel disturbance by saying that the previous government did as well.

Let’s talk a little more with reporter Lee Jeong-eun, who is covering the presidential office.

The president has already talked about the former government several times.

It seems to be especially so when uncomfortable and difficult questions are asked, such as personnel issues?

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Yes, while criticizing the Moon Jae-in government’s nuclear-free policy, I once said, “I did something stupid for five years.”

Unlike the previous government, I would pay more attention to the expansion of nuclear power plants, to emphasize clarity.

Other than that, most of the personnel are biased toward the prosecution, and the investigation of retaliation from the former government.

Let’s hear it.

[윤석열 대통령(6월 8일)]

“In the past, people from Minbyon didn’t do anything very well.”

[윤석열 대통령(6월 17일)]

“After a change of government in our country, the criminal case investigation is to investigate the past, not the future. Wasn’t it done during the Democratic Party?”

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It has been criticized not only by the opposition but also within the ruling party for repeatedly mentioning the former government as a comparison target.

Yet, how should we view the background of the president’s repeated summons to the former government?

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As you can see, the former government was summoned mainly to refute the personnel-related accusations.

From the time when he was elected Minister of Foreign Affairs Han Dong-hoon, who was a close aide, until before the NATO tour, Seo Oh-nam was an aide to the prosecution, and the most pointed out was the personnel issue.

Even after returning to Korea, personnel issues continued to hold back the approval ratings.

It is interpreted that the president’s frustration about the situation in which no personnel hearing was held and ministerial candidates were dropped out due to the lack of original composition resulted in a sensitive reaction.

Today, a high-ranking official from the presidential office said, “I’m listening to criticisms and criticisms on personnel management.” As the economy is difficult, personnel want to close and change the situation to the issue of people’s livelihood.

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However, the personnel issue is inevitably pointed out again.

This reporter also reported a while ago, but there was an attempt to hire the spouse of the HR secretary to the presidential office, and there was no illegality in the president’s office to accompany the president to overseas trips as a civilian. Does this explain?

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Yes. Secretary Lee Won-mo investigated the Wolsong nuclear power plant, is considered a close associate of the president’s prosecutors, and is in charge of personnel verification.

From the fact that the presidential office tried to hire the spouse of the person in charge of verification, there is a problem, and the presidential office seems to need further explanation as to whether this person had to be this person for joining the president’s official schedule as a civilian.

Cobana Contents employees who went to Bongham Village with Kim Geon-hee and were hired as the president’s office staff, but there are already criticisms that it is a ‘private hiring’ due to the close relationship with Mrs. Kim.

It seems that the personnel controversy related to this will continue.

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Reporter Jeong-eun Lee, I heard you well.

Video coverage: Park Jong-il / Video editing: Lee Jeong-geun


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