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Another gigantic startup proving that failures are only the beginning; This is how the clubhouse is inspired

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The social media app that has been downloaded and used by millions of people in just five days. The only social media space where you can only speak with real voice. The Clubhouse app, which was born some time ago, is now the talk of the town and is gaining momentum. That is the uniqueness of the clubhouse. But that’s not all. Clubhouse is the inspiration for thousands of startups.

Clubhouse, a social media platform, was born out of the idea of ​​having one last attempt after many failures. While the whole world is locked down, there are millions of business couples in the United States who sit in different virtual rooms at the same time and tell stories and things, including their daughter who is unable to speak. Rohan Seth and wife Jennifer. Not only their entrepreneurial ideas for a long time but also those who have come back to life on the verge of failure.

Rohan Seth, an Indo – American who worked at Google, fell in love with his wife Jennifer and married her. In 2018, they will have a daughter, Lydia Seth. They are looking for all possible ways, not to let a daughter born with a serious genetic defect go to trial. For a daughter who cannot sit, crawl, walk or talk, there are no doors they knock on, no inquiries they make. But there are currently no treatments available for genetic disorders. Treatment may vary from person to person, depending on the genetic predisposition.

But they did not give up, and in their quest to find two children in the world with such a disability. The couple decides to lend a helping hand to their children and families who are in a very dangerous but helpless situation. That’s why they started a fundraiser called Lydia Accelerator.

Rohan later said goodbye to Google and then sold the startup he started. But Rohan was still experimenting with his own entrepreneurship. But all failed. But meeting Rohan’s friend Paul Davidson was a turning point. Paul’s highlight was the time when the social media startup also failed.

The idea of ​​a clubhouse was born when the lockdown and its opportunities were discussed. So from March 2020 the clubhouse became a closed men’s discussion room. Clubhouse is now very popular in Kerala. When the clubhouse spread for the latest cyber sensation, some people said that the clubhouse is the most used app by the Malayalees in recent days.


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