Another malicious evaluation of Kim Min-jae “I still can’t recognize my skills”

Minjae Kim from Naples. /Photo = Kim Min-jae’s SNS capture

Local experts say that they do not recognize the performance of Kim Min-jae (27, Napoli) this season. This is not the first time that Kim Min-jae has been maliciously criticized, and in the end, directly refuted voices from the field came out.

According to local media such as Tutonapoli, Italy on the 7th (Korea time), Italian journalist Francesco Marolda said, “I received a lot of criticism in the past for saying that I did not know Kim Min-jae’s skills, but I still be. confident in my thoughts.”

In a local radio interview, he explained, “In the last match against Spezia, Kim Min-jae’s performance was not impressive.” Napoli won 3-0 at Spezia on the 5th, which means that Kim Min-jae’s influence was not great in that game.

This is not the first time that Marolda has had a critical opinion towards Kim Min-jae. Even in November last year, he criticized, “Kalidou Koulibaly (Chelsea) is a more efficient player than Min-jae Kim. The defense that Min-jae Kim shows is the old style. ” He insisted.

Although player evaluation is subjective, it can be seen as malicious as local responses bar it close to rave reviews and critical views are repeated. In fact, Minjae Kim is praised by the local media as well as the opposing team’s command tower, players, and legends, such as AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho. The season score based on the statistical website also holds the Serie A Best 11 firmly. This is why I cannot understand Marolda’s opinion.

As this was the situation, there were direct voices of criticism even in the local area. Arenanapoli said, “Kim Min-jae has established himself as one of the strongest players in Serie A, but some people do not like the Korean defender. “I have not changed my opinion about Kim Min-jae’s ability.”

Former Ternana coach Luigi De Canio, who appeared on the same radio show as Marolda, also immediately expressed his opposition. He said, “I always agree with Marolda’s opinion. However, this is not the case with Min-jae Kim’s evaluation. “He refuted.

Francesco Marolda.  /Photo = Captured by Tutonapoli
Francesco Marolda. /Photo = Captured by Tutonapoli

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