Home News Another one appeared, a young man who owns a lathe, holding a kidney sign, his 6-year-old daughter, hugging her father’s waist and weeping.

Another one appeared, a young man who owns a lathe, holding a kidney sign, his 6-year-old daughter, hugging her father’s waist and weeping.

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Very heartbreaking, a 36-year-old man, the owner of a lathe. Walking holding a sign selling one kidney, with a 6-year-old daughter walking around her waist and crying. The mother-in-law revealed her tears secretly with her child without telling anyone. begging philanthropists to help

Reporters reported that Online world has shared a photo of Mr. Thanakrit, 36, a native of Chaiyaphum province, who owns a lathe in Ban Bueng district, Chonburi province, holding a sign at the middle of a red light intersection under the bridge across the 11th Infantry Brigade Brigade Intersection in the sub-district complex. .Bang Teen Ped, Muang District, Chachoengsao Province

In the picture, there will be a sign asking for the sale of a kidney on one side to pay off debts and to fund the children. with a girl hugging her waist and crying It caused a lot of shock to the people who saw the post.

Recently, reporters reported that today (October 18) at 12.00, the reporter traveled to a company located at Moo 3, Map Phai Subdistrict, Ban Bueng District, Chonburi Province, meeting with Mrs. Papada, 51, mother-in-law. and a 6-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old boy, Mr. Thanakrit’s son which owns a lathe

From the questionnaire, Mrs. Papada revealed in tears that Perhaps he was discouraged instead of the child. But I don’t know what to do, he’s the best. and the same On the day he went out holding the sign, he went out with only two daughters without telling anyone. because he went to sell grilled bananas to earn money to support and no one knew

until you come back home His granddaughter told him that Dad is going to do a caesarean section and do something about the kidney by talking and crying. After knowing the truth, he could only encourage him to fear that he would do something bad because if he was anything, everything would be gone. I want him to think

He wanted to encourage his children. We have to think that when we came there was nothing with us. Now let’s build this size. we have to keep fighting don’t think bad Mothers never leave their children. No matter how difficult it is, I never thought of leaving my child.

For example, most of the work that we do is a 30-day credit job, we have to pay for the purchase to make our customers first. Sometimes the job is done, the customers don’t pay, they don’t know what to do, they have to keep fighting because they feel pity for the children without their father. How will they live?

On the side, Mr. Thanakrit, the owner of the lathe, revealed that he has been in the lathe business for more than 7 years, but encountered problems during the Covid-19 epidemic and the worsening economy caused him to bear the burden. The burden in this section will also be the employee’s share. From the staff at that time, there were about 20 people since the beginning of the year, carrying them constantly.

But after a while, I really can’t. The funds began to not exist. therefore have to find a loan for borrowing outside the system When finished, it is paid to employees. One month the employee was not paid salary. That is, he had to leave naturally because he didn’t have to pay him. But the people who stay, they stay, they don’t know how to find a solution and how to fix it.

I thought that I would run for a job, but it didn’t mean I would get a job at all. If he came to find a job without lines, no wires or acquaintances, it was difficult. Also, during the epidemic, when going to work, a certificate for vaccination is required. before entering the factory, but still making their work less When the job is less, they go to borrow money from the informal system.

But the heaviest is the daily flowers. that he was forced to bring enough to be finished and had to accept the condition He had to find him, but sometimes he couldn’t turn around and didn’t know what to do, so he decided to pay homage to Luang Por Sothorn in Chachoengsao Province.

So he decided to go with only 2 daughters and see in the clip that there are parts that our bodies can sell, he knows that it’s illegal. But there is only one way out to help them. Because he used to go to the elders to talk to them to help them in case they would get a sum of about 1 million baht, but there was no way they could help because we didn’t have any securities to guarantee. They only have machines.

So we decided that we sold our own organs in our bodies. But we sell the portion that it still has. So decided to sell one kidney. But I don’t know if I can sell it, knowing that it’s illegal, at least I think I’ve done my best It’s better for him to go rob, hijack, kill him and get him, that’s all he can think of. Now he is trying to find a way out.

Besides, today is also his last day to pay for the rented place, if he doesn’t pay, he has to leave. Because he had postponed him many times now, the working capital was almost nonexistent, even the money to spend was almost nonexistent.

The daughter said that the father wouldn’t let him sell the kidney. If the father sold it, where would he take it? He told the son that the father would have to go through here. The daughter asked if the surgery was done, would the father be healed? He then told his daughter that the father did not know whether the father would recover or not. Or maybe the father died.

the daughter cried But the son told his father not to sell his kidneys. If your father sells, who will you live with if your father dies? Then the child cried and followed his waist around the middle of a red light intersection where he had announced the sale of kidneys. because he really can’t think of anything


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