Another thriller stuck in warp patterns; Ini Utharam Movie Review & Rating – Ini Utharam Movie Review & Rating

Aparna Balamurali Starrer Ini Utharam Malayalam Movie Review & Rating: The answer follows the same path that Malayalam thrillers have been following for quite some time, starting with a gruesome crime that takes place in the freezing cold of a hill station, and a journey to investigate the mystery behind it. The film follows warp patterns in terms of location and storylines such as Poopara, the bus coming down the hill, the police station in an empty space. Crime thriller and investigation films in Malayalam generally create a monotony with a certain type of dialogue style and background music. Now the answer is yes and the story is told through the usual methods.

Directed by debutant Sudheesh Ramachandran, Ini Aatwab is a film that hit the theaters after winning the National Award and stars Aparna Balamurali in the lead role. Aparna’s presence was the main highlight of the film and all the commercials. Aparna handled her role very well in the beginning and the end. But surprisingly, their screen time was very less. Shajon and Harish Uttam are in the main roles from the beginning to the end in the story that goes on through them. Although the shadows of the characters who have come and gone in several films over the years are reflected, the performance of the main stars is the factor that saves the film unscathed in some places at least.

Coming to the plot of the film, Janaki, an ortho surgeon in a famous hospital in Ernakulam, arrives at the police station in an empty village called Pooppara in Idukki, calling that he has committed a murder on the station premises, the confusion is . causes and the strange answers that the revelation brings later. This story, which is fresh and exciting when told in one line, creates confusion when it comes to the big frame of a film. Often the film goes against the logic of the audience. The film was rich in moments of emotional tension rather than thrilling moments. Siddique, Jafar Idukki and many other stars come and go in the film at critical moments. But there are few well-defined characters in the film.

The aim of the film is that there is a question for every answer. The film relies on that advertising text in the first part. The film goes into the questions behind the obvious answers. From the murder, the buried body, the digging of pits to the Shajon pottery there is a clear ‘visual’ influence. Finding the question behind the answer, which Malayalam cinema had abandoned in the meantime, is reviving after the blockbuster success of Drishyam. The North was also proceeding on the same path. But the film loses its logical coherence.

In Malayalam cinema, politicians and ministers appear in the same mold as news. The Ranji Panicker – Shaji Kailas’s team of political drama villains is still the reference when popular cinema makes such characters. Even when times and political leaders have changed significantly, Malayalam cinema has often repeated itself, from dress code to dialogues. The boredom of that repetition can now be seen in the answer. I don’t know how true is the politician who keeps killing everyone who comes against his power, the policeman who looks out for him, the tug of war, but the home minister who kills everyone is Malayalam movies are a big cliché. Similar police roles after the deployment are likely to challenge Shajon’s career as well.

The answer is a film that follows the characteristics of thrillers and exciting popular fiction coming out now in terms of technique, character development, story line, dialogues, camera and background music without any differences. Nowhere did the film seem to give a new experience to the viewers of such films. Now the answer is a film that can only be enjoyed by those who enjoy crime films without expecting any such innovations.

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