Anson Lo wakes Edan excitedly

Edan and Anson Lo appeared on the big screen and did a great job of acting.

MIRROR, which has been suspended for two months, is about to resume work one after the other. Among them, Edan and Anson Lo collaborated for the first time in the film “Outdated. The Festival” is due to be released in November, and the poster and the lead trailer were revealed yesterday. Actor Xie Junhao and Edan, who played father and son, were arguing in the street in the trailer. Edan shouted in anger, “Has he ever thought about it from my point of view?” Lo told him, “You’re escaping reality. just because of Jiami!” In just a few short scenes, Edan had no stage fright in the face of the actor, and the performance was surprising. The film was invited to participate in the Busan Film Festival in South Korea, and director Zeng Qinghong will fly to the local area to meet the audience early next month.

Anson LoAnson Lo

Anson Lo

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