Answered and “Anna” cleared after being linked by “famous actor” to sue, is it true?

by yesterday (July 22, 65) “Anna” Famous former transgender host traveling to attend IGNITE THE NIGHT “Miss Universe Thailand 2022” has opened up to interview with the press Even if the famous page “Jae Moi 108” has come out to post a message stating that “Famous hero” Have you ever sued the transgender host? but changed his mind and did not sue Because that MC is a close friend of the heroine. This work has taken many netizens. They are aiming at “Anna”, a close friend of “Watermelon” that “Is it the MC who used to be sued by “famous actors”?

which “Anna” best friend “Watermelon” was given a clear interview after being linked that it was “a famous hero” Sue, really or not? replied that “Actually, Anna got sued from the person who had the case against the heroine. I still get sued today. He did not intervene. The protagonist did not sue. The person suing is the woman who is in the news. but not the one who is married

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He filed a lawsuit against ten people. we are one of them Been hit since the end of last year Someone was sent to talk, but he did not settle. can’t say much It’s a case We have also gone to court. He let the lawyer go, but he didn’t talk. He let him proceed according to the law. He also didn’t talk about money. He said that according to the law If he’s watching, I’d like to apologize that we don’t have such intentions. We, we, don’t like people to criticize us. We don’t want to criticize anyone. So we resigned from the show.”

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