Answered, “Kulao Tak Bai fish”, APEC menu, bought from “Aunt Auan Tak Bai” shop after the “Dyed fish” drama on social media

The Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that “Kulao Salted Tak Bai” was one of the APEC 2022 menus bought from the “Aunt Auan Tak Bai” shop as it met the highest standards. which Chef Chumpol personally chose After the drama circulated the net that Fish Bai Kulao The items served at the APEC meeting were not brought directly from Tak Bai.

because of some media The news report was wrong. “Kulao Tak Bai salted fish” is known as the king of salted fish. Which is one of the menus that will be served at the gala dinner for the leaders of different countries in APEC 2022. Not ordering salted kulau fish from Tak Bai District, Narathiwat Province, where the famous Tak Bai kulau fish originates. which creates dissatisfaction with the salted Kulao fish entrepreneurs in Tak Bai Narathiwat Province, many

In addition, the above misrepresentation has been widely published and shared on social media until it became more dramatic.

Most recently, Ms. Ratchada Thanadirek, Deputy Spokesperson of the Prime Minister’s Office has confirmed that salted Kulao fish in Tak Bai are used as raw materials for cooking for the APEC event. Actually use Kulao fish in Tak Bai District, Narathiwat Province, which may have misunderstanding and misunderstanding of entrepreneurs in the area. The Kulao fish we bought came from the shop “Modryb Uan”, which is the only shop that has been chosen because it has the highest quality. Chef Chumpol is responsible for choosing the restaurant and buying raw materials.

In addition, the salted Kulao fish used for cooking is not much. Because it’s just a component. Therefore, there is no need to buy in bulk from other stores.

On the shop side “Aunt Fat Tak Bai” has come out to post about the matter through the Facebook fan page “Kulao Salted Fish, Aunt Uan Tak Bai”

From the drama in the online world about fake fish!!

Auntie Uan Tak Bai’s Kulao Salted Fish Shop, which is the only Kulao salted fish shop in Tak Bai District that meets the requirements. Quality suitable for community products that are reliable or (CMU) at the 5 star level, which was previously An officer came to buy 1 salted kulau fish to taste until an order was made online. Because tens of thousands of baht per day were bought in the last 2-3 days after the APEC news. Causing the shop to fail an inspection which confirms that government agencies The agent has ordered through the online system. Therefore, there is an error in the group of salted Kulao fish traders in Tak Bai.