Anthony Bourdain discusses the Death in Indonesia - Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Unknown Season 12, Episode 3 Location of Death in Indonesia

In the spring of his death on 8 June, Anthony Bourdain traveled to Indonesia, where he attended a funeral and cremation ceremony. Bourdain died before ending his voiceover for the program, but the story of Kadek Adidharma puts a story around Indonesian's death cycle.

“Heaven and hell are advocates – not truths,” says Adidharma. "It is a cyclical life, so death is … the death is just the beginning."

In the second half of the program, Bourdain sits down with a friend named Lawrence, where they discuss what they want to happen to their body after they die.

“Leave me in the jungle. I'm not asking a party: 'I reported dead. You know, I'm not really interested in physical efforts, if they can't provide entertainment value, "says Bourdain. Yours into Harrods, you know, in the middle of the rush hour. I would not remember such a thing like that. ”

In fact, Bourdain was wounded in France this summer, and his remains and widgets were sent to his younger brother Christopher. The family had a small private ceremony. “He wants to be as small as possible,” said Bourdain's mother, Gladys New York Times.

It is a cool, unfinished event Unknown parts, when Bourdain's death was in the months before his suicide. At one point in Indonesia, a producer asks Bourdain to describe a dish for the camera.

“No, no, I get it in a VO because I had it before,” said Bourdain. “We don't need to talk about this food, because I know it very well. I'll be very aware of it. ”

He did not, of course, film this prayer. His final full program of the series was broadcast after his death and was the last one to include his commentary.

This program ends with the villagers spreading the ashes in the sea, and includes a Bourdain snippet speaking: "Every story should end on the beach, everyone likes anyway," he says, " Why should this one be different?

Next Sunday, CNN will ventilate special episodes Unknown parts explores the influence of Bourdain.


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