“Anti-Corruption Storm 5: Final Chapter” Releases Trailer for Gu Tianle in Distress

The brand new seven-year anti-corruption series “Anti-Corruption Storm 5: Final Chapter” will be launched on New Year’s Eve on December 31 in national theaters. The latest plot and character posters have been exposed recently. The film is produced by Huang Baiming, directed by Lin Delu, starring Louis Koo, Zhang Zhilin, Zheng Jiaying, and starring Xuan Xuan, Huang Zongze, Xie Tianhua, Zhang Jicong and others. ICAC took over the 4 most brutal large-scale corruption case involving human-snake trading. Faced with a difficult situation of extensive involvement, complete interruption of clues, and threat of firepower, Chief Investigator Lu Zhilian (played by Gu Tianle) used thunder means to break the situation and stand firm and evil forces to reverse the situation. Qian Kun fights the ultimate battle of the anti-corruption series.

Gu Tianle in distress in handling the case

Break the game and counterattack “lead the tiger out of the hole”

The latest plot notice came to light. Lu Zhilian led the ICAC anti-corruption team to intervene in the investigation of the transnational corruption case. The high-level customs officers involved in the incident have successively encountered accidents. The black and evil leader Xiao Zhuoya (Xie Tianhua) secretly used methods to bring the case to a deadlock and deal with money. , Terrorist threats, compromise and shelter, and other obstacles continue to create problems for Lu Zhilian. In addition, Asia Chief Justice Pang Aima (played by Xuan Xuan) and Cheng Feixiong (played by Huang Zongze) under the jurisdiction of the General Administration of Customs seem to be involved. Frequent trips make the situation chaotic.

The action footage of close-to-hand combat, bullet rain, and dangerous blasting in the trailer made the risk index of the case soar. The sentence “but I’m not sure, he can come back with his life” even hinted that Lu Zhilian was about to be trapped in a difficult situation and faced with the danger of handling the case. Since 4 films, the righteous man Lu Zhilian, played by the actor Koo Tianle, has never suffered such a strong professional crisis. It is curious as to what the ending will be under internal and external troubles. However, the carbine at the end of the trailer seems to imply the trend of a turnaround. “I knew it a long time ago” to raise the visibility of the case again: the people involved may have long been showing their feet; the wise and decisive Lu Zhilian may have already grasped the key to solving the case; a desperate move may not be to lead the “evil tiger out of the hole”, the facts of the case What is the whole picture? It is urgent to find out after the movie is released.

New Year’s Eve “Gathering” of Powerful Day Groups in the Greater Bay Area

Thrilling breakthrough

The movie “Anti-Corruption Storm 5: The Final Chapter” will officially meet with fans on New Year’s Eve this year. Not only will the original cast members Gu Tianle, Zhang Zhilin, and Zheng Jiaying continue to help out, but also Xuan Xuan, Xie Tianhua and Zhang Jicong who have participated in the previous performances. After the return, Huang Zongze, who is the “cute new”, will join us. The strength of the Greater Bay Area is here to accompany everyone through the new year. After the film was finalized, the Maoyan platform’s want-to-watch index continued to soar. It has now exceeded 474,000. It not only ranks among the most anticipated list of recent Top 1, but also ranks first in the history of Chinese-language action crime movies. The movie’s 7 years of companionship has made the audience reluctant to give up, “I didn’t expect to be the last one of the anti-corruption series. The anti-corruption series has accompanied me for many years and I am very sentimental.” There are also audiences who want to join the movie for New Year’s Eve. “Just watch the trailer. Thrilling! The fifth part will also be full of ceremonial tribute to the anti-corruption series”; some people even expressed their admiration that “this series has not disappointed, and I look forward to the big brothers in the Greater Bay Area.”

In the newly exposed character posters, the Greater Bay Area Tiantuan fully displays the sense of urgency in each character’s look. Lu Zhilian (Gu Tianle), Liao Baoqiang (Zhang Zhilin), Cheng Deming (Zheng Jiaying), Cheng Feixiong (Huang Zongze) hold The gun stands, as if to welcome the coming terrorist threat. In addition, Pang Emma (played by Xuan Xuan) has a solemn expression, and Xiao Zhuoya (played by Xie Tianhua) has a dangerous smile. The comparison of the two leads to infinite conjecture. The burning flame in the picture penetrates the character image and the unfolded banknotes, which seems to imply that this interest-related conspiracy will eventually be burned, and it also implies that every player in the game may not be spared in such a confrontation between good and evil. How Lu Zhilian broke through in this dangerous transnational corruption case is worth looking forward to!

The movie “Anti-Corruption Storm 5: The Final Chapter” will be released on December 31, so stay tuned!