“Anti-Sohei Otani” is praised by American experts! Full Account

Former Premier League Young “I’m really impressed by the fact that he’s been active over and over again”

Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani has played 55 games as an infielder, including a two-hitter against the White Sox on June 31 (June 1, Japan time), with a .269 batting average, 15 homers, and an OPS of .882 making . As a pitcher, he has an ERA of 2.91, a strikeout rate of 12.5, and a batting average of .155. The team has spent 57 games, and how to see the results of the early game … American experts discussed on the program “MLB Tonight” in the MLB network.

Looking at the last three years, in 2022, the batting average is .242, 11 homers, OPS.770, ERA, 3.99, strikeout rate, 12.4, and batting average.238. In 2021, when he won the American League MVP, he had a batting average of .255, 15 homers, an OPS.902, an ERA of 2.76, a strikeout rate of 12.8, and a batting average of .

Moderator Greg Amsinger asked, “Is this the best start for a superstar named Ohtani?” “There are so many ways to look at the stats. We have a stellar record in strikeout percentage. The OPS is a little better in 2021, a little better in the strikeout percentage and ERA. But who?” Given his (almost) no-hit dominance, I think this year is on par with an incredible 2021.”

Former major leaguer Chris Young also said, “2021 was overwhelming. It was probably the best of the last three years. But he continues to play in the game and repeat this kind of success every year. That’s the most commendable thing,” he said sympathetically.

“A lot of players will have their off season, but then you expect them to be good players, but you don’t necessarily expect them to be great. He does great on both pitches and hits, and is really fun to watch. a lot of people say, ‘I can’t keep doing this’ or ‘I’m exhausted,’ and I’m sick of it.”

Questions about the “ant” that was thrown. Amsinger, who heard this, said, “I’m sick of it[bobl sy’n dweud na all Ohtani barhau]. We need to enjoy[llwyddiant Ohtani]. Are you doing it?” He nodded. Mr. Young said, “(Ohtani’s success) will never fade. I enjoy watching it. It’s fascinating. I’m happy to be able to replicate the success of 2021.” What kind of record will Ohtani have when the season is over?

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