[Ant’s listing]Ant Group is tentatively scheduled for IPO on the 27th and listing on the 6th of next month through the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing hearing-Hong Kong Economic Times-News Channel-Current Finance

Ant Group (formerly known as Ant Financial), a subsidiary of Alibaba (09988) and parent company of Alipay, successfully passed the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388) listing hearing, and Hong Kong IPO entered the final straight path. Based on the latest market news, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has approved the listing of Ant Group on the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Board and listing in Hong Kong this week. Ant initially expects to start its IPO next Tuesday (27th), and the subscription will be closed on the 30th. The listing is tentatively scheduled for November 6. It will overlap with the iBond 2020 subscription period, which also means that the listing process of Ant will span the US presidential election (November 3).

Highlights of Ant Group Prospectus

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Ant Group is expected to become the world’s largest IPO. According to foreign media reports earlier, due to strong investor demand, Ant Group has raised its IPO valuation target from US$250 billion to US$280 billion (approximately HK$2.17 trillion). China Hong Kong A +H’s listing is expected to raise a total of 35 billion US dollars (about 270 billion Hong Kong dollars).

CICC, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley are the joint sponsors of Ant Group’s Hong Kong listing, Credit Suisse is the joint global coordinator, and Barclays, ICBC International, and Bank of China International have reportedly joined the Ant Hong Kong listing underwriting team.

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