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Anu Mohan and Aditi Ravi in ​​’Jean Val Jean’ in London; First look released

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The first-look poster of the movie ‘Jean Val Jean’ directed by Manoj Aravindakshan starring Anu Mohan and Aditi Ravi has been released. Produced by Brain Tree Productions in association with Big Ben Creations, the film is shot by Sameer Haq.

Screenplay and dialogues by Bino Augustine. B.K. Kailas Menon composes the lyrics written by Harinarayanan.

Project Designer – Badusha, Executive Producer – Eldo Thomas, Francis Mathew, Editor – Nitish KTA, Art – Rakhil, Costume Designer – Jomon Johnson, Makeup – Jeethu Payyannur, Choreography – Imtihas Aboobacker, Creative, Finance Controller – Sanjay Pal, Stills – Shahid Hussain, Publicity Design – Riyaz Whitemaker.

Filming will begin soon in London. News propaganda- A.S. Dinesh.

Also read: Poonam Bajwa as Queen of Travancore; Nineteenth century character poster

The twelfth character poster of the nineteenth century was released. This poster is by Poonam Bajwa, the queen of Travancore, who is intelligent, beautiful and has an attractive personality.

There are four Maharanipattams in the history of Travancore; Umayammarani in 1677, Rani Gauri Lashmibai in 1810, Rani Gauri Parvathi Bhai in 1815 and Rani Sethu Lashmibai in 1924.

It was during the reign of Rani Gauri Lashmibai that the slave trade was abolished and the Ezhavas, who were not entitled to change, issued a proclamation that women from the lower castes could go into hiding. Such orders issued by the Maharanis of Travancore prove that they were powerful rulers.

But despite the orders of the rulers, the prominent officials who were supposed to carry it out and the officials and dignitaries who kept them ignored these proclamations and continued their unjust practices. Arattu Puzha Velayudhapanikkar was a brave man who fought hard against this with his soldier. Therefore, the fighter had to face a very powerful authority.

But none of those war-like battles paralyzed Velayudan. Moreover, thousands of underprivileged people were ready to line up behind the weapon. Velayudhan’s resistance reached the Queen’s ears.

Actress Poonam Bajwa brings to the silver screen the intelligent queen who says that it does not matter if the black cats of iniquity who have infiltrated the corridors of power are left in the dark.


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