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“Anucha” orders CPB, organizing New Year’s gifts, giving away discount codes “Shopee – Lazada”

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On December 31, Mr. Chan Krit Dejwitak, Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that Mr. Anucha Nakasai, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office. As supervisors, the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) has assigned CPB to coordinate the two major e-commerce companies. Organize discounts and give coupons To give as a New Year gift 2021 to the people, namely Shopee (Thailand) Co., Ltd., when purchasing products 300 baht or more, get 15% discount or maximum 100 baht discount, which will be valid between 1-31 January 2021, with Must receive the code via the website or application shopee before buying Which is reserved for shops in shopee Mall only and Lazada Company Limited, which offers a 10% discount for a minimum purchase of 500 baht with over 10,000 coupons to purchase products in Lazmall of all types between January 1-5, 2021 Interestingly, the discount can be applied. Go to buy products, which Lazada has a promotion already To use the right to receive more discounts as well However, I am confident that In addition to reducing costs Also to increase purchasing power during the New Year season This will benefit the overall economy as well.

Mr. Chan Krit said that Mr. Anucha has also assigned OTP coordinates the association of automotive repair service operators Providing preliminary inspection of car abnormalities off-site from over 100 affiliated garages nationwide Without any cost Which in the case of a breakdown in the Bangkok – metropolitan area Can be contacted at 081-665-4444 and 081-206-6600 in case of an accident in other provinces Can be contacted at 081-970-0654 to reduce the burden of expenses and increase travel safety for brothers and sisters.

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