“Anudit” said goodbye to “Pheu Thai” joined “Thai building Thai”

“Anudit”, deputy MP for Bangkok, said goodbye to “Pheu Thai”, joined “Thai Builds Thai”, reiterated that he wants to see the country move forward. People live well and get out of poverty.

On January 27, 2023, reporters reported that Captain Anudit Nakornthap, Bangkok MP, Pheu Thai Party Announcing his resignation from Pheu Thai Party among the supporters of Khe Ha Or Ngoen Community, Sai Mai District, thanks to all the people who have always support and be a representative in the Sai Mai Area for more than 16 years because everyone has a heart

the same point of view and ideology, which is a sacrifice for the country Wants to see the country move forward, wants to see the Thai people have a good living and free from poverty, which is the desire of his father, Maj Thiti Nakornthap, former secretary general of the Unity Party, but no one has succeeded yet especially in the North East, even though there is a population and most MPs in the House of Commons

Lt said. Col. Anudit the reason for giving up Air Force service. Which is a career he loves and moves on to become a politician because he hopes to continue his father’s aspirations and with the persuasion of Maj Sita Tiwari under the Thai Rak Thai party, Mr Thaksin Shinawatra and Khunying Suda Rat Keyuraphan, head of Bangkok’s Department of Election Administration gave him the opportunity to stand as an MP in 2007.

“I think it is time for me to protect democracy and serve the people,” said Captain Anudit, adding that Another thing I intend to achieve is to audit the administration of the government in order to prevent corruption because he sees that The country has been eroded by this story throughout its political life.

It has never been discussed without any trust. or was that checked There was corruption at all, although the tablet project with a budget of almost 4,000 million baht in the Ministry of ICT at the time only spent 2,000 million baht, but unfortunately the project was canceled due to the coup, so today would be better.

However, Captain Anudit confirmed that ideology and political stance that never changes but to achieve the mission that really wants to do He does not before the end of his breath from this world bow his head to oppression. stop cheating by establishing a public sector organization The people’s Constitution to deliver the best country to their children

with an announcement confirming that After this, we will continue to follow our aspirations. It is not just the Sai Mai area that has to survive, but who believe that Thai people will be able to survive if they join together, stop fighting, have love, unity and generosity. and really strive to work for the country and the people

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