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‘Anupong’ throws FAC, unlocks local administration to buy vaccines

by news dir

31 May 2021


“Anupong” thrown FAC. Unlock local authorities to buy vaccines Dreading overlapping local authorities, small – large, not equal

AdmiralAnupong Phaochinda Minister of Interior gave an interviewStory this morning To the casePurchasing an alternative vaccineofLocal Government Organization (Local Administration Organization) But locked up the decision of the Ombudsman Who ruled that only the first phase of the state would be the buyer Local Administration Organization and the private sector can not proceed directly to procurement that under all forms of local administration law. Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO), Municipality, Sub-district Administrative Organization (SAO), Pattaya, Bangkok can purchase vaccines for prevention. Which can be carried out by themselves By his own power

Wherein the point is that it is understood that Because the Ombudsman has made a decision And a proposal to the local government organization That in the first step we cannot do this yet But to inform The Ombudsman has notified directly to the Department of Local Administration (Institutes), according to the law. In conclusion, informed to The Local Administration of Thailand to stop the operation, therefore, there is still no local administration office to purchase because of the said recommendations

However, it is not possible to buy directly to buy it. So there was no purchase. Coming to the consideration of the Ombudsman recommendations. Stated that only in the first phase That the government sector proceeds to purchase andVaccination service Therefore it is not possible to distribute vaccines to private individuals and local authorities to purchase them directly. Clearly stated that only that. If it lapsed, it is a matter that can be done in accordance with the authority. Probably don’t have to ask the inspector It’s the end of the law Interior is not directly ordered. As the Ombudsman

Gen. Anupong further said that in this situation, over 7 thousand local administrations of the Provincial Administrative Organization of the Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO) 76 places, if there is a purchase of vaccines without coordination There will be chaos However with the law There is a regulation, the Ministry of Interior has issued regulations When there is a dangerous contagious disease Or need to be monitored for the local authorities to support the suppression of the epidemic By supporting government agencies in the control of communicable diseases Must be coordinated in practice and policy

In order not to cause chaos and confusion Have to come to see that the government agency that has the power now is the Ministry of Public Health and the Center for the Management of the Epidemic Infectious Disease 2019 (SABC) in the opinion that At this time, there must be an opinion, discussion and a resolution from the DPC. For example What if the local has no budget? The small Provincial Administrative Organization cannot make a difference.

“If there is a vaccine from the state through the CRC If we pay in some places, it may happen too much. Not some areas People will have inequality. Therefore look at the law and the situation However, it must be given to the Royal Thai Police. Considering whether it is past the first phase or not To allow the private sector and the local authorities to become an alternative vaccine to support the government Just in case you think it is power to do it Then let the ROC has a guideline for how to proceed “

Gen Anupong said five vaccines are currently in place, with Johnson & Johnson and Moderna who have already confirmed that both of them would like to buy. Through government agencies as well For this reason He can’t buy it. Should have the state to buy it Both local authorities and private individuals The state should consider


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