“Anutin” believes that “Chatchat” will solve the knot of the green belt, because there are 1.3 million votes in support.

At the Government House, Mr.Anutin Chanvirakul Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health as the leader of the Pride Thai Party Interview about Mr.Chatchat Sitthiphan that the governor of Bangkok do not want to considerGreen Line Concession It is the BMA’s sole duty that, in the transport sector, it has clearly expressed its opinion. It’s not a matter of any political game. It’s a matter of accuracy. compliance with the law whether it is a matter of contract extension But he thought that no one threw it to Mr. Chatchat. and should give you time You haven’t entered the office yet. You should give yourself time to study the origins of this matter first.

Mr. Anutin said that the Ministry of Transport sent several questions. According to Mr. Saksiam Chidchob, Minister of Transport, once asked A. But he received an answer. He came back. Mr. Chatchat will be able to see what A. What is helicopter. and what is right

Mr. Anutin said that he thought this matter was for Mr. Chatchart. There would be no difficulty Because of the approval of 1.3 million people’s brothers and sisters, one has to think about the interests of the people. The Ministry of Transport adheres to all legal principles.

In this regard, Mr. Chatchat’s approach to solving the Green Line problem is consistent withPride Thai PartyOr not, Mr. Anutin said that anything would benefit the people. and legally compatible with all parties They work honestly. and adhere to the interests of the country as the main

While Mr. Sak Siam Revealed only briefly that he waited for Mr. Chatchart to accept the position first.

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