“Anutin” confirms that the Ministry of Health has issued enough to control marijuana Protection of children, youth – do not use recreational activities

“Anutin” confirms the announcement of the Ministry of Health is enough to control marijuana Protection of children, youth – do not use recreational activities Cause back to be a drug It is a hopeless solution – too much fist.

On September 19, 2022, at the Department of Medical Sciences, Mr Anutin Charnvirakul, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health (Ministry of Public Health) gave an interview in cases where many networks had concerns and requirements for measures to control cannabis especially the issue of protecting children and young people and prohibiting recreational use. With Mr. Satit Pitatecha, the Deputy Minister for Public Health, standing by his side. It will be explained according to the concerns of each network. The Ministry of Public Health is confident that the concerns all the networks take care Bans have been announced, practices, guidelines have all disappeared, do not worry.

The reporter Pryderon asked about protecting young people from marijuana What measures are there? This means it is all-inclusive, including do not buy, do not sell, do not use unless directed by a doctor.

It was asked if there was a proposal to close the vacuum immediately without waiting for the Hemp Cannabis Act. With the cancellation of the Ministry of Public Health announcement and letting marijuana go back to being a drug, Mr Anutin said it was a complete solution. reach this point Everything is ready. no problem The Act was his route. It is a matter that the House of Representatives is considering. When to go back and review The Extraordinary Commission to consider the draft Cannabis Hemp Act will go back for consideration. As for the period of time, you must ask the committee.

“In the past, everything has been tightened. You can’t smoke in public, you can’t, because it’s for medical use. most say they agree with medical use and health do not agree with leisure It follows that In the announcement of the Ministry of Health or in the draft of the Cannabis Hemp Act There is no support for recreational use . nothing to worry about Today, public health law is applied. If marijuana laws pass, then marijuana laws apply. but it will say to go back to the original Like that, it’s too much of a fist. The requirements in the announcement of the Ministry of Health are stricter than those in the draft Act,” said Mr. Anutin.

The reporter asked if it was possible to issue an announcement from the Ministry of Public Health, stating that Nantthanakorn had been banned. Do not cook inflorescences in food without permission. Any product containing cannabis is prohibited for commercial use. Without the permission of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) there is everything The draft of the Cannabis Hemp Act is for those who are worried who still cannot adjust the feeling that marijuana is no longer a drug To be a relief that the this law comes out. legal duty person Can also refer to legal cannabis hemp accordingly. But at present, although there is no law, but the Ministry of Public Health announced the crime of arrest as prescribed. that the practice has no problem, it can be carried out

When asked if it was possible to use the mechanism of being a controlled herb to issue an announcement to the Ministry of Health for further control, Mr Anutin said that nothing is beyond control today. or be harmed in any way as a whole due to the use of medical marijuana All Purposes to Use Medical Marijuana still in this frame. No one supports the psychoactive use of marijuana. or for entertainment to enjoy Not even in the hemp cannabis bill.
When asked by reporters if the ban on people under the age of 20 is enough to protect young people, Naanutin said that 20-year-olds are considered to have reached the age of majority. In fact, they should also be 18 because they are already have been elected. being able to consider and decide what is right and what is not right must give confidence

When they were asked about the relationship with the Democratic Party (PDP), there was no problem in terms of working together in the Ministry of Public Health, was there or not? Always take care of the floods in Rayong I have never had a problem with the Deputy Minister. I call you brother He always called me brother.

The reporter asked if there was a news report that the removal of the agenda for considering the cannabis bill was behind the chairman of the Council of Ministers, Chuan Leekpai. Everyone wishes for the good of the country There is advice for anything, for consideration and judgment on behalf of the people. Since marijuana is not a drug, there should be a law to control it or not, let’s think about it.

When asked if there was a clearer difference between the coalition parties opposing the draft bill, Mr Anutin said that different people have different beliefs. we must respect each other

While Mr. Satit in short that he was not the leader of the party. Regarding the coalition party relationship, ask to see the cabinet meeting on September 20.

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