‘Anutin’ explains who touched the first Omikron addict Very few infections Not sure if stuck, old or new – fresh news

‘Anutin’ informs people who come in contact with Omicron infected people found very few infections Not confirming new installations or having been attached before. Believe that it will be slow or fast. Omikron enters every country. Ban direct flights from Africa

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On December 7, 64, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health (MOPH) gave an interview about the first case of Covid-19, the Omicron strain in Thailand. If we are fully vaccinated Take the highest self-protection measures at all times. Wear masks, keep distance, wash your hands, we can’t do anything.

don’t worry too much The system of immigration screening during this period has also increased in intensity. That makes us the first to meet an American man. Traveling from Spain to Dubai can be screened and used to investigate the disease Know how many caregivers have been in contact with. They monitor, monitor, quarantine, isolate themselves according to the disease control system. It’s not something to worry about.

When asked about the case, Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health, said that this contact was also found to be infected. Anutin said that if looking in detail, it was found that the samples had to be spun for 36 cycles, or the CT value. 36 to find infection If in general medical practice, it is considered that the end of the infection or the germ I don’t know if it was an omikron or a delta before. will take the infection to the Department of Medical Sciences for examination But cycling up to 36 times until the infection was found.

The ATK test may no longer be found. In the past, when checked in 36-37 times, the doctor released it. because there is very little chance of spreading the infection which detects a small amount of infection, it may be a new infection or have been infected before We are currently sending confirmation and strain tests at the Department of Medical Sciences. which takes time For example, in the case of Americans, it still takes 3 days because they have to spin to separate the germs to gain confidence.

“Omicron is another lineage. Sooner or later, we must enter every country. because people have to travel We accept that There are more proactive checks. And to sit and prove how violent is it? How does the vaccine cover? There will be measures to deal with. now live a normal life Wear a mask to get vaccinated,” Mr Anutin said.

When asked if the test and go entry measures need to be adjusted, Mr Anutin said that we have restricted entry to most African countries on the continent. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also cooperating very well without issuing a Certificate of Entry and Fittofly, which will limit people a lot. will be left from other countries which must come through the screening system No, we don’t do anything. When I know that there is an omikron

In fact, since December 16, we plan to start testing ATK in the Test&Go system, but when we have Omikron, we have to postpone the use of ATK, go back to use RT-PCR, use Thailand Pass, stay at the hotel for 1 night, wait for the results. RT-PCR can continue.

What do we do with the utmost caution? But it’s not going to lock everything. Because it was just opened, people started making a living, making money, roaming around doing business abroad. We have to make everything go smoothly in every dimension as possible. under control If the patient is infected If the infection is found, there are hospitals to provide care and support. Everything is still there, there is medicine, there is still preparation.

Asked if countries outside of Africa where the omikron outbreak were to consider immigration, Anutin said we had to admit that anywhere in the world, we have to deal with it. Even if it’s Africa, America, Australia, Asia, Europe, people on board must do RT-PCR first, otherwise they won’t be able to get on the plane. Must have passport vaccinations with vaccinations accepted by Thailand. Come in and check RT-PCR, wait for results for 1 night in the hotel, chances are difficult to fall off, no need to limit or prohibit entering the country. because it is already limited by measures

If this kind of measure, we don’t have to ban any country. but for the comfort of the people for less panic During the New Year’s festival, people want to find happiness together. We therefore say that in Africa, the airlines Those traveling directly from Africa cannot enter Thailand. now it is flat


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