“Anutin” orders all states to inject syringes to stimulate 70% to change the Astra vaccine to LAAB more.

“Anutin” has ordered all provinces to vaccinate with a needle to encourage them to have a vaccination of 70% at the end of the year. Especially the 608 group, repeating their help with mild symptoms, no deaths, moving on with normal life, insisting that if transfer to the SAO does not affect the service Prepare to exchange more Astra Vaccine to LAAB

On October 21, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health (MoPH) interview after the meeting to present policies and guidelines to accelerate immunity to the people. VHV and provincial public health offices (Office of Public Health) in the project to join VHVs to transfer immunity to prevent 608 from being safe even though the Covid-19 situation has been resolved. but he also emphasized that all agencies promote people to protect themselves especially to receive the booster vaccination, which is more than the second dose on. In this regard, the director of the hospital and the director of the hospital have been instructed to prepare to provide the booster vaccination to people who wish to receive it. Do not wait too long. The burden of expenses If it comes from coordinating the VHV, a community hospital, which will be closer to the villagers than the big hospitals in the city, it will be more convenient. It will start from today – December 31, 2022 with a target of at least 2 million doses and asking each VHV to inject at least 1 needle to be a model.

“We focus on the 608 group, which should have at least 70%, repeating that the booster needle helps to reduce the symptoms of severe coronavirus, high fever, cough more than usual. or put on breathing apparatus Don’t die, but we can get sick. But if the condition is not serious and does not die, that is everyone’s wish in the end. We have reached this point. that will not make him seriously ill and die of covid If reinforcements are received, three, four, five or six, we are available to all. to bring normality of life quality of life returns increase income economic expansion No need to lock Rules for restricting livelihood activities Ask people to come and get the booster,” said Mr. Anutin.

Dr Sura Wisetsak, acting director general of the Department of Health Service Support (SorPorPor.Sor.), said that VHVs across the country Get 100% of the 3rd and 4th pin as a model. and will adopt the strategy “VHH Knocking on the door of the house, inviting the VHV and the target group to receive the booster vaccination” with 5 steps: 1.Survey, look for a booster who has not received a booster, 2 .Take and forward the list of names target audience to the staff Hospital / place of service in the area 3. Planning, preparation, joining with public health officers. Set a date to organize activities for vaccination campaigns in the area 4. Spread the word and recommend the target group to be vaccinated on the specified date and 5. Subsequent reports.

When asked to give a Volunteer while the transfer Will the hospital be stuck or not? Mr. said Anutin that it is a different matter, regardless of which department the SAO is in. The Department of Disease Control has distributed the vaccine to service units across the country and encouraged the hospital to set a goal to make people in each state receive more than 70% of the population in each state, with 1-3 months to follow up. . He went to the area and concluded that the stimulus needle was still low. VHV still accepts most of the 4th needles, but the people are only full of the 3rd needles. When asked, the community raises very few hands in the 4th needle, it means they haven’t arrived yet. the same in all states So, there is a need to set a goal for this issue.

When asked about the vaccine for 2023, Mr Anutin said. We now inject a stimulating needle. Many people have been infected or injected. The number of vaccines will not be the same as last year when at least 2 injections per person were required. Now, one injection is about 6 months. If there is an infection, it can be extended. Administration of vaccination from now on next year The Department of Disease Control must give the same as an annual continuous vaccine to the people. The risk group will shrink like the flu. which is now an infectious disease that must be monitored people are more sensitive less risk It will limit the number of people who get the vaccine at a lower rate. Purchase would be reduced. Vaccine requirements as long as it is an omicron strain. There is no mutation in the back of the hand. AstraZeneca also confirmed that the level of immune production for injections is still high. We have vaccines available.

Ask if the stimulant injection is not hitting the target. Is there an assessment to see if the new species will return like the beginning Mr Said We think in general People are immune Last year, people were not immune to infection, the spread of severe symptoms was faster. But after a large number of vaccinations many people are infected There is less risk of people being harmed so far. Most people fully accept it. Some people think that the situation has improved not to rise. less enthusiasm for vaccination At this time, you need to hurry to accept into the winter also open the country also Get free travel as usual. We try to minimize the risks. Although we know that people who are addicted to us are ready to provide treatment, doctors, medicines, beds, but I want people to receive stimulation needles. Mild symptoms will be able to function normally.

Ask about the vaccine budget 66. How much is the budget? Said Mr We are waiting for the Vaccine Committee meeting. and academic committee Let’s sit and see how vaccines are in stock now. how to manage There are still many countries to give, we accept. Recently, Germany has given over 2 million doses of Pfizer. We have Astra What we are ordering is to give it to Dr Sophon Iamsirithavorn Deputy Director General of the Department of Disease Control discussed that The vaccines ordered to be changed to LAAB as before. injecting into patients who have not been vaccinated before, especially the elderly will build immunity immediately But the price is not the same as the general vaccine. It will change to the amount the country needs and provide immediate treatment. immune booster The vaccine is still under control.


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