‘Anutin’ points out that the marijuana bond does not give the price to the UDD children. All levels communicate directly with ‘Party Director-Secretary’.

“Anutin” points out that the marijuana bond does not give the price to the children of the Democratic Party. Tell all levels to communicate only with the head – the party secretary. mocking, rubbing his legs, but the popularity rating does not decrease

December 5, 2022 – in Nakhon Phanom Province, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health as the leader of the Bhumjaithai Party gave an interview about the case when MPs and members of the Democratic Party (DPP) came out to respond to the continued marijuana bond

in the Democratic Party He has a close relationship with Mr Jurin Laksanawisit, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade. As the leader of the Democratic Party, Mr Chalermchai Sri-on, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives as secretary general of the Democratic Party

Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health As the deputy head of the Democratic Party and Mr Chuti Krairiksh, the Minister for Social Development and Human Welfare (PhD), with Mr Chuti, we all take care of the people. At the Cabinet meeting, he sat next to him. What seems contradictory He called to talk to him.

When they were asked, but the image that emerged as the Bhumjaithai Party and the Democrat Party, as if they disagreed because MPs from the Democratic Party There is a strong word that his heart was not low enough to set the scene, causing Mr. Anutin said that immediately “He spoke on my behalf. that his heart was not low enough to set the scene Bullies are like this. Bhumjaithai is asleep, escapes to Phuket, escapes to Nakhon Phanom, and still follows, probably hungry for light when rising and unable to find a way down.

Mr said. Anutin, after speaking, would like to talk about the issue of recreational marijuana. that people who like to come out and say Let’s just support medical marijuana. is it cool because in the draft Cannabis, Cannabis, Party Bhumjaithai There is no recreational But medical and economic marijuana.

None of us are leisure. The person who supports the recreation is Mr Kanok Wongtrangan, a party-list MP. Democrat Like the committee that was proposed but it was defeated, so if you want to argue, go argue with the MPs themselves Don’t argue with other parties.

“We were beaten and beaten all the time. We ran away and kept running behind. I don’t talk to people of this level, when there is a problem, I talk to Mr Jurin, Mr Chalermchai, Mr Juti and Mr Satit. I only have one true friend in the Democrat Party.

As for the MPs who come out to speak, do whatever they want, do it, take responsibility. I live in Nakhon Phanom, the holy things are real. Don’t worry, I’m not lying, don’t bother with you. because I have a way to communicate with the Democrat Party Where I will find someone of the same level to talk to,” said Anutin.

Asked whether the marijuana issue would affect the Bhumjaithai Party’s popular vote or not, Mr Anutin said today, look at Nakhon Phanom. This is different from four years ago when more than nine people came to speak. But today, people are more than chairs. If it is a policy that really worries the population There is no way today.

“The bill no longer belongs to Bhumjaithai Party. but a body of advice If you are really concerned, the law will pass, you don’t have to speak because the Ministry of Public Health has not removed marijuana from drugs. But the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) has a decision to remove marijuana from drugs,” said Anutin.

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