“Anutin” received the Huo-Yan Air Laboratory from the Chinese government to help Thailand fight the epidemic.

Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health, together with Dr. Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health, Dr Supakit Sirilak, Director General of the Department of Medical Sciences Mr. and management Received the mobile laboratory (Huo-Yan Air Laboratory) from the Mammoth Foundation, People’s Republic of China The laboratory was developed by BGI Genomics Company Limited of the People’s Republic of China for the Department of Medical Sciences. Ministry of Public Health, 3 rooms, to support Thailand to cope with COVID-19 and other epidemics that is a public health problem in the country under the coordination of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand with Mr. Han Zhiqiang (HE Mr.Han Zhiqiang ), Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Thailand and the delegation representing together with Mr. Sujie Cao, Vice President of BGI Genomics Co., Ltd.

Mr. said I did that on behalf of the government and the Ministry of Public Health thanks to the Chinese government and a Chinese charity organization that has always had good intentions for Thailand. There is a strong relationship between the two countries and commitment. who want to solve the COVID-19 situation together, which in the past, the Chinese government has supported information and guidelines to control the outbreak of Covid-19, has given medicines, medicines and vaccines to Thailand Used to fight COVID-19, causing the situation to begin to tend to decrease, and on October 1, the Ministry of Public Health has modified the disease COVID-19 from a dangerous communicable disease to an infectious disease that must be monitored which care systems diverse that is ready for Thai people to get on with their normal lives and drive the economy that is starting to get stronger

Anutin added that the Huo-Yan Laboratory was established to deal with the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in China. for use in the detection of pathogenic viruses and includes technical equipment and in-house services The first Hua-Yen mobile laboratory was installed at the National Gene Bank of China in Shenzhen. It is a mobile laboratory equipped with a medical waste management system. Equipment for Real Time PCR Analysis, Genetic Decoders and Virus Detection Technology In addition, the structure of the Hua-Yen mobile laboratory was built to accommodate the positive and negative pressure conversion of the intelligent pressure control system and fresh air. This reduces production costs and saves energy in construction. This means that this mobile laboratory takes only 24 hours to prepare. And it only takes 2-3 days to install and is perfectly ready to use. together with the integrated electrical system and an excellent ventilation system Supports the analysis of more than 5000 samples per day. It can help to screen targets and alleviate the major epidemic crisis in society. Hua-yan mobile laboratories have now installed more than 102 rooms in 38 countries around the world.

“This mobile laboratory will be very useful. Because it can be stored and moved to install in different locations. It is a technology that solves the cost and time constraints of setting up a laboratory. very flexible as well as can be adapted to suit the needs of use AND can be applied to other tasks in the post-pandemic period (After the pandemic) such as biochemical laboratory work. Immunology laboratory work The diagnostic work at the point of care testing (POCT) will be used by the Ministry of Public Health for the greatest benefit of the people.”

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